Myths About International Student Life


On average, international students tend to be positive about their experience studying colleges in Sydney for international students, but there are plenty of myths floating around out there that paint the study-abroad experience as one of doom and gloom. So, which myths are true and which are false? Let’s take a look at five of the most common ones, so you know what to expect when you embark on your adventure abroad!

1) All International Students Are Rich

The fact is that most international students are not rich. In fact, the majority of international students come from families with lower incomes than Australia natives. A study found that only 18% of international students came from affluent backgrounds, while 38% came from low-income households.

2) All International Students Are Academic Geniuses

This is not true at all. All international students come from different backgrounds and while there may be some who are more academically gifted than others, there are also those who have a hard time in classes. The level of intelligence differs across the board just like it would in any other school setting.

3) All international students are fluent in English

This myth is one of the most common, and one that is often perpetuated by those outside of the international student community. In reality, many international students are not fluent in English. It is important for universities to provide support for these students because they may come from countries where English is not widely spoken. And, most international colleges Sydney do that.

4) You Can’t Work While You Study

Some of the most common myths about international student life are that it’s hard to work while you study, you can’t work while you stud. In reality, there are plenty of opportunities for work while studying. You can search online or contact a university advisor or someone who works in international relations to find out more. It is usually possible to do some work on-campus at some point during the day, if not during lectures then after classes are over. If you want to find a part-time job off-campus, research what documents you will need and what qualifications you need for each type of job – just make sure not to commit yourself too much so that your studies don’t suffer!

5) Studying Abroad Is Too Expensive

Studying abroad is too expensive. This is a common myth that arises from the idea that study abroad programs are more expensive than domestic programs. This may be true for some countries and universities, but it’s not always true. Many cheap colleges in Sydney for international students offer scholarships and grants to offset the cost of studying abroad. Additionally, there are various ways to find a program that is affordable for you.

The experience of being an international student can be overwhelming and difficult, but there is a common misconception that it is mostly bad. A lot of people don’t realize how much fun you can have as an international student. Don’t let the myths about international student life discourage you from living your best life abroad!

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