Naming your Startup

Naming your startup is always an exciting and interesting activity, the problem arises when you tend to miss out on aspects that might come into picture when you grow big in the near future.


  1. Deciding on business presence – Being sure on the business presence when you plan to start is extremely important. You need to make sure whether you need to focus solely on the Online or Offline channel or do you wish to target both the platforms, no matter now or in future. In most cases the business startups begin with offline mode, however, later on when they have started to do well and wish to expand, they realize the need to opt for the online channel as well. This is when they understand that one of their competitors has acquired the domain name or the social channels which they should have picked at the time of finalizing the Startup Name itself. So, let’s not make this mistake and consider all the future aspects of expansion.

Do you agree that the business names should not be too long? – I am sure you have always come through this advise, since the time you have had a thought of working upon a business startup. Did you ever realize the fact behind this advise? I know, the answer you would have is that it is easy to memorize and people or let’s say your current and prospect customers would have least chances of forgetting your brand. Startup Names with max 2 syllables are expected to be the most accurate ones. Although, it is right to some extent, however, I would say that you should always go with the root cause, rather than simply following the technique. What we mean by that is that your name should be relevant and easy to be memorized, no matter, it follows the 2 syllables factor or is quite longer than that.

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