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hospitality management system

Managing hotel is very tough as it has so many departments and operations. And each department is linked with each other. That’s why managing manually is even much tougher for any hotel as there is a chance of human error and mismanagement which cost hospitality business more than any other business as it all depends on the quality of service.


And to avoid this pain smart hotels now installing hospitality management system in their hotels. Hospitality management system includes many different businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts, tour agencies and airlines. In the age of technology before you invest you need to be confident that the product is going to help and boost long-term guest satisfaction, either directly or indirectly.


In in terms of features Nanovise Hospitality Management System is one of the best software in the market in affordable price. As we all know hospitality sector is a complex system, and it has so many modules or sections in it, Nanovise software is covering all required modules in hotel operations. It improves the workflow in a hotel and make the hotel management a delightful work rather than stressful. 


Computerized hospitality management system makes the processing of massive amounts of data easier and quicker. It merges each department with each other so that there will be a smooth communication within each department of the hotel. This leads to cost savings through less repetitive work, improved cashflow, accurate information and quicker client response with improved services.


It basic function of hospitality management software is to automate and control daily tasks of the hotel. The user interface is also important as the proper navigation helps in functioning of the software. Users often evaluate hospitality management software on what they see, the feel and experience the software creates and how easy it is to navigate around and access the functions they mostly use, and not so much on optimum database design and other technical functions with which they never come into contact. So navigation both between screens and within screens is important. 


Irrespective of the size of the hospitality business, Nanovise hospitality management system can help to manage everyday operations.   


Some benefits of our Hospitality ERP software:   


  • Guests data recorder 
  • Backup and restore whole data 
  • Easy calculations  
  • Inclusive and exclusive GST options along with auto GST slab detection  
  • Improve customer service 
  • Better customer experience 
  • Finance management 
  • Close monitoring of processes 
  • Checkout management 
  • Room service 
  • Restaurant 
  • Payroll management  
  • Supplier management 
  • Inventory management  


Hospitality management system is beneficial for hotels. To increase profit, reduce the cost and to grow the business, hotels should install hospitality management system. Hospitality management system for all hotels is the primary thing in today’s world. If you are handling hotel and you couldn’t manage all your work at once, then you should implement Nanovise hospitality management system for your business.   


Hospitality management system has several benefits for easing up all service-related activities in a hotel. It’s a blessing for all hotels these days. It helps to provide you several necessary reports which give a clear view of hotel activities and according to it, the hotel can pre-plan their strategies. It tracks every transaction along with details like the mode of payment, date, transaction ID, and which involves in those transactions, etc. It provides other necessary data that can help the admin to manage the hotel more efficiently. It helps the admin to understand the business so that admin can improve the operations. 


If your hotel is looking for the ultimate solution and you understand what a hospitality management system involves, then Nanovise offers you the solution.


This is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive solution for the hospitality industry. Nanovise hospitality management system moves your business ahead of the competition, deliver the ultimate guest satisfaction, achieve operational efficiencies, and the associated cost savings. 


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