Natural and Effective Ways to Remove Termites from Your Home

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Termites are the silent killers that can destroy your wooden furniture or the infrastructure of your home. There’s nothing dangerous than termites in wooden furniture. Slowly the termite infestation can destroy your furniture, leaving no options for you than throwing your valuable goods. And what makes the situation worse is that it is difficult to notice when the infestation creeps in. Most of the people have no idea that they have termite infestation in their home. But, if you have already noticed that you have termite problems in your house and instead of calling the Pest Control Services in Delhi, you want to use natural remedy to remove termites from your home then, you can go with these natural remedies that we will discuss in this article.


But, before discussing the natural remedies to kill termites, you should know about the type of termites you have in your home. There are three types of termites – subterranean termites, dampwood termites and drywood termites. This is important because, only this way you will know what treatment will work to kill the particular type of termites.


Here in this article we are sharing the natural remedies that are highly-effective in killing or removing any type of termites from your home.


Borax powder

Make the solution of borax powder and water. For this you need to do just nothing but, mixing borax in water and pour it in a spray bottle. Shake the solution and spray it on the affected areas. This will ensure the termites on the wooden vanish after few applications.


Oil treatments

Neem oil and orange oil are highly-effective in killing termites. This contains a compound called d-limonene, which kills the termites. So, you can spray or apply orange or neem oil on the affected areas to kill the termites that will come in contact.


Extreme hot or cold

Temperature can be your good friend in killing or removing the termites naturally from your home. But, you need to be cautious while doing this or else you will burn your house or turn it into ice carven. Termites cannot stand in extreme cold or hot. So, you can use this idea to kill termites naturally.


Follow these easy methods to kill termites from your home and prevent your home from being destroyed by these silent killers. Effectiveness of these treatments will depend on the severity of the infestation. So, if you have severe termite infestation at your home then, you should call the professional exterminators Termite Control Service. They are professional and will help you to get rid of such nasty pests in no time



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