NBA 2K22 is offering a new locker code for players to earn free stuff

To add depth to Season 6’s content, NBA 2K22 also Buy NBA 2K Coins released a new series pack titled Takeoff after the great success in the Metamorphosis pack. The pack includes certain prestigious units that players don’t want to miss on.

For a limited time and limiting players to five packs, each package comes with a guaranteed Takeoff card that will provide any player’s MyTeam with an enormous boost. The prizes are Dark Matter Glen Rice (99-overall), Galaxy Opal Victor Oladipo (98-overall) as well as Pink Diamond Jalen Suggs (96-overall), and Diamond Joel Embiid (94-overall). A brand new Event Exchange will also be accessible from next week. Participants can strive to earn a HOF Limitless Spot-Up Badge.

NBA 2K22 is offering a new locker code for players to earn free stuff, just as usual with every pack in the series. Using the code MyTEAM-ZERO-GRAVITY-E9WIY will give every player a free Zero Gravity pack or a Diamond Shoe boost. Locker codes for NBA 2K22 is always a good bonus to give to players. They allow them to unlock a complimentary pack to try their luck at obtaining one of the most recent cards that are available within the game.

Players can also opt NBA2king  use The Diamond Shoe Boost however, the majority of the player base prefers playing with gacha-like systems and pulling anyone who is able to immediately improve their team. In Season 6 of Zero Gravity, it doesn’t hurt to add some players to the team as new opportunities continue to come in.

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