Necklace Urns for Ashes Come in Different Designs

Life is never predictable. Therefore people have to go through different kinds of phases during their life. They sometimes gain something and sometimes they have to lose. Therefore the loss of someone special from life hurts the most. This is why most people like to keep the last traces of the lost person with them so that they can feel the closeness with their beloved one.


The necklace urns for ashes are used to keep the last traces of the lost person which are mostly the cremations ashes of the person. This will keep you reminded that the person is not too far from you and you are always in touch with him.

These necklace urns can come in different designs. They may be of tube shape or of box shape with a lid on them. You can put the cremation ashes in them and close the lid. In the ancient days, and now also some people use these urns to keep medicinal herbs. Not only medicines, previously people used to keep poison in them too. If they were caught anyway by the rulers, they used to put the poison in their mouth and commit suicide.

But nowadays, these necklace urns have also turned into fashion accessories which can be the best gifts for young men. These urns are available at jewelry stores, but you can get the cheaper versions of these kinds of urn jewelry at your local stores too. Thus if you are confused to choose the best gift, you can opt for this.

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