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Metekarv said: “I tell them that you can’t ask everyone. You have to play a reputation for yourself, and maintain a reputation. If someone provokes on the twitter or instagram, you can’t try to hit the media Produce a positive impact, not the umpact. “

The Pirates have achieved 19 wins 29 losses in the 3 seasons of the Carter Lead, and the results of the successful post-winning experience will be brought to it. Although the pirates are generally performed in this season, the team’s attack has been threatening, and the team’s attack is progressing every season, ranking 18 to 9th from the original alliance, to this season 3rr.

2 wins and 8 negative Branda fade in the season. Although the young quartz, “Johnny Football”, “Johnny Football”, Memagi, this season, it is just that the growth of the ball, the continuous lace negative news, let him experience after two consecutive weeks after the joy again I called back the bench. And the old will be asked for a smooth entry, this old will play a quite good this season, the 7 game 1897 yards and 11 times, and in the last confession of the two teams this season, The old number of passwords for one-way 457 code broke the record of the number of passengers of the Brunt’s historical single field. As a big foundation of the Brown this season, the main proximal edge plus & bull; Banchi is the most trusted ball choice of McCon, and the game McChane returned. Banch will continue to excellent this season. Performance. This year’s three-wheeled rookie running Duke & Bull; Johnson is another big discovery of Brown this season, and he ranks second in the Run-Guard score, will add bricks to Brown.

Metcarff said: “When we opened a new show meeting, Mo told us: & lsquo; don’t just sit, let others come in and sit down, then you finally dropped. & Rsquo; this also set a tone for this year , How do I treat things? Wait patiently, then strive to learn knowledge from the veterans. “

The reporter said that some people think that some people think that this is a leading speech. Some people think that these words should be said in the locker, obviously the position of the locker room in Miami dolphins is not absolute.

Su is so saying: “I will lead this defensive group, I will stay here for 5 years, but this can’t guarantee that I have been playing very well, so I have to participate in playing with me. Maybe the tactical system is still Not very good, maybe our technology is not enough, but we can do better, follow my brothers! “This is the war pre-war speech in Suzhou.

At the age of 59, Carter, will replace Steve Sarkisian, just left Atlanta. Steve was dismissed by the team after coaching two seasons. Atlanta still has one of the best offensions in the Alliance, but there is a significant decline in the 2016 superb bowl.

12th week night preview: crow @ Brown

This year’s Evening Night Tournament is often considered a “vegetable chicken” game, but most of the time can play wonderful. On the twelfth weeks, the night hawk will usher in a Meilai North District, challenge Cleveland Brown from Baltimus, and by historical factors, each two teams will bring a fierce gunpowder. A lot of visibility giving the game.

Crow and Paving Marshall – Yang Da has been about one year

Beijing April 12, US time on Thursday, according to ESPN, the crow has been with professional bowls, MARSHAL YANDA, renewed for one year, his contract will be expired after the end of the 2019 season.

Sea Eagle takes the hand of Metcalf to share experiences for our rookie

In cheap Nfl Jerseys from china this year’s rookie network seminar, the Haiying took over D.K. Metcalff (D. Metcalf) shared some experience in its own rookie year.

3 wins and 7-longned Baltimore, like the situation seems to be better than Brown. Although the collar hosted last week’s victory, she won the third victory of this season, but she paid a painful price: the main four points Wei Qiao & Bull; Flaco is reimbursed by the knee injury season, while the main force runs Jaus Ding & Bull; Foste also reimbursed because of his arms fractures. The three main force of the crow offensive end of this season, Fraco, Foste, Smith, and the Subtock 4-point Swan & Bull; Shao Bo has not had the sharpness of the code king of the League, another replacement young Jimmy & Bull; Clause is also difficult, and the crow will face an unprecedented winter. Although the end of the snare, the old Harrodi & Bull; Nata, but unexpectedly activated the third grade defensive spike Brandon & Bull; Williams, as a rookie contract, this season has grown to the league rating The highest anti-runner, the cost-effectiveness is very stupid. Although the crow offensive ends have already been broken, they will use their own iron defense to continue the next game.

8 years agoKelly explained that he had given such a reasons: “These people are the leader of the university football world. Everyone has their own story. But there is no one cares about you before, here is the business field, everywhere is Professional athletes. Previous superstars also need to sit down and patiently learn, and strive to integrate. “

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