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HVAC is a year-round necessity; these systems help us keep warm in the winter and cool during the summer. With continuous usage such as this, an air conditioner can be under plenty of strain, and it can eventually break down. To prevent this from happening, it is good to perform routine HVAC maintenance and catch a problem before it has occurred.

Moreover, apart from HVAC system repairs, completely replacing an air conditioner can result in even more costs. It is thus imperative to adopt the essential tips for preventing costly HVAC repairs. The sooner you realize that there is a problem, or the more checks you deploy to avoid a problem from occurring in the first place, the lower will be your HVAC maintenance costs. Commercial hvac contractor NJ will provide you with reliable services and guaranteed maintenance.

Maintenance is an important aspect of owning a heating and cooling system. Over time, dust and worn parts lower the efficiency of your HVAC system and increase the risk of problems. Scheduling regular preventive maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner can improve the lifetime of these units by up to 48% and prevent yearly losses of up to 15% in heating and cooling efficiency.

Heating Maintenance:

Just before or during the heating system, a heating maintenance check includes an inspection and testing of your furnace or boiler. During this visit, your HVAC technician will check and replace your furnace filter if necessary. They will inspect your heater’s exterior and ventilation system for signs of wear and perform any necessary repairs. Next, the interior components of your furnace will be cleaned and inspected for signs of wear or damage. This includes the ignition assembly, blower, motors, and pressure switches. The power consumed by your furnace and its electrical components will be measured to check for unnecessary power usage. Your home’s thermostat will also be checked, cleaned, and calibrated. The furnace will be turned on and monitored during function to ensure each component is performing properly. Additionally, your HVAC technician will test for carbon monoxide leaks and ensure all ventilation and piping is clean. If you have a boiler, the controls, safeties, pump, low water cutoff, and sight glass will be checked.

Cooling Maintenance:

A maintenance check before or during cooling season consists of a thorough examination of your home’s air conditioner to ensure it is in top condition. The technician will check both the indoor and outdoor components of your air conditioner, including all internal parts, motors, and belts. The air conditioners coolant levels will be measured and lost coolant replaced if necessary. The technician will check the circuits, safety controls, drain line, condensate pump, and all caps and valves as well. Electrical components will be inspected for signs of wear or damage and replaced to prevent sparking or failure. They will check that your outdoor unit is level for optimum performance. If needed, hvac repair Ringwood NJ will also replace your home’s HVAC filter to prevent dust and debris from entering your air conditioner or ductwork. Your thermostat will be inspected and cleaned or calibrated if necessary for more efficient cooling. Triolo Contracting provides all types of services including air conditioning, air duct cleaning NJ and all different HVAC services.

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