Need for Speed: Underground Deserves a Next-Gen Game

There was a time when people got blown away when they first saw Need for Speed: Underground in 2003. Right now Need for Speed is a well-known name in terms of street racing. The smooth gameplay and customizable machines have made the franchise so iconic. The Need for Speed franchise includes a lot of games but Need for Speed: Underground is one of the finest versions from the series. Now it’s been 15 years since the last entry of Underground and now is the right time to bring it back with subseries.

In PlayStation, GameCube, Xbox, PC, and Game Boy Advance, Need for Speed: Underground was launched. Before the launching of the game, street racing wasn’t into the spotlight but Need for Speed: Underground game bangs the opening after launching. The whole game environment is based on the inner-city side. The competition in the game is so tough, and from the racing skills, players have to prove that he/she is the best driver in the town. First one was in 2003, and later that year there was a sequel also released with some improvements in the game.

Need for Speed: Underground Deserves a Next-Gen Game

What made Need for Speed

Underground popular is its style, the vibes of driving and design of cars. Every available car in the game is customizable from the engine performance to the exterior appearance. Players were also allowed to add the neon and sound system to make the car remarkable. When the next-gen console was released, it took the stylish aura of the game to the next level. However, if now Need for Speed: Underground releases again in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, so it would really like cars to come to life.

Need for Speed

Underground is not like any other racing game. There were a lot of things that made this game shine more than any other game. The open world in Need for Speed: Underground is the reason players still want a sequel of the game to experience it more widely. The popularity Need for Speed: Underground has earned, no other game has close to it. When Need for Speed: Underground was released, it was new, and it provided a whole new concept in the world of the game that gamers still admire.

There should be a next-gen Need for Speed: Underground with great graphics, new cars, new engines and a lot of skins. The lovers of racing still missed Need for Speed: Underground. If the improvements happen in the right place, so definitely the next-gen version will rock the stage as well.

Electronic Arts is a popular name in the gaming industry and making the game they didn’t continue the series to the modern games which are quite surprising. Need for Speed: Underground will perfectly fit into the current gaming world. If they provide the expected experience in the game, surely the game will once again break the records.

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