Need Temporary Staffing? What to Look for in a Recruiting Agency

Recruiting-College-Graduates-750-600x451Temporary staffing, be it a need for an employee for a set period of time, or a desire to try out a temp-to-hire model, can be excellent for any number of businesses across a great many industries. But to have the most success, it can pay dividends to invest in finding a recruiting agency to work with that will not only find the best person for the position, but that will also become a true staffing partner, committed to the success of both the employer and the hire. So if you’re an employer looking to bring on some temporary staffing, how do you identify the temp agency Austin relies on? Or, if you’re not near Austin or Beaumont, TX, what can you look for in the best recruiting agency for your temporary staffing needs?

A True Partnership

The most successful partnerships between employers and the sort of staffing agency Austin, or any community, needs are built on open communication and cooperation. When communicating with a temporary staffing agency, look for the one offering an actionable partnership plan and a strategy tailored to your business objectives. That will result in working with a recruiting agency truly committed to being your staffing partner, one that you can continue to work with and depend on whenever you need qualified temporary hires.

Convenient Collaboration

Contracting with a trustworthy, reputable, effective staffing agency makes the use of temporary hires one of the most convenient and efficient dynamics possible. An effective staffing agency does the legwork that would otherwise be a significant investment of internal resources for any employer. The best staffing agency will manage the sourcing and recruiting, interviewing and vetting, and even follow up after their placement.

In addition to being able to hire the right candidates for your unique temporary positions, some of the top temporary staffing agencies will even take care of payroll for you. The HT Group, for instance, will put your new temp hires on their payroll. This convenient form of collaboration helps streamline the operations of the employer and represents a considerable reduction in the financial and administrative burden a company would otherwise shoulder.

Tech and Experience

When seeking a temporary staffing agency to partner with, try looking for one that effectively employs staffing technology while retaining a personal, human touch. If a temp agency is effectively using that technology, it will help their experienced recruiters cast a talent-sourcing net that’s wide and deep. The HT Group, for example, leverages industry-specific technology and their own set of proprietary tools to optimize the recruiting process. Technology supports their experienced recruiters in every step of the process: candidate sourcing and discovery, contacting remote workers, utilizing diversity hiring opportunities, taking advantage of employee referral, and so forth. After all, a modern-day workforce requires a modern approach to temp and temp-to-hire staffing. Does your temporary recruiting agency check these boxes?

About The HT Group

Since 2001, The HT Group has been the recruiting agency that both job seekers and employers in Texas—including Beaumont, North Austin, and South Austin—choose when they want to match the best positions with the top talent. The HT Group has become an integral feature of Austin’s employment landscape by leveraging their recruiting team’s talent, experience, resources, commitment, and personal touch to each hire. That reputation for excellence spans a variety of industries and fields. The HT Group’s personal commitment to every employer and each job seeker is responsible for their emergence as one of the premier Austin executive recruiters. Along with executive recruiting, they also specialize in IT staffing placement, technical recruitment, and both temp and temp-to-hire staffing.

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