Netflix, Hulu, Or Amazon Prime: Which One Should You Prefer?

Whether we are travelling or having a break for some time from our work, we always want to make our leisure time a bit more fun and relaxing. Some of us love to enjoy our free time playing games, reading books, or streaming some entertaining videos. Well, in the present case, when we all are advised to stay at our home and have a lot of free time, the use of the various videos streaming services have increased since then. And among all the streaming platforms, there are three majorly used streaming services that have given a unique level of viewing experience to its users. I am assuming that you might know those three big streaming platforms are none other than Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Undoubtedly, they are the best streaming services among all others. Have you used any of these services yet? Want to know which one will be the best for you? And that is what the main aim of this article is. Read the full article to explore more about these amazing streaming services and help yourself to select the best service for you.


Netflix Vs Hulu Vs Prime

However, there are various other streaming services also that provide quite good video content and experience to its users. But, even then most people prefer to use these three streaming services the most. All these three streaming platforms have their pros and cons. Well, we all know the fact that not everything can be just perfect. And that is the same case with these streaming services as well. All three streaming services of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime provide their great quality original content to its users. But, I understand that among all these three services, it becomes quite a hassling and confusing task to choose what’s best for you. And for that purpose, we are going to compare all the three services of Netflix, Hulu and Prime that will help you to choose the most suitable streaming service that you can use. Now, without wasting much time, let’s get straight to the point.


Netflix is one of the most popular and commonly used streaming services among people. It provides the best video streaming experience to its users. It has a huge video library, including its original award-winning content. The great shows and movies that it offers include, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Lucifer, Conjuring and many more. Netflix even offers that exclusive content that you might not find on any other platform. And the notable part of using this service is that it offers Ad-free content to its users. Anyone can have its subscription on any of their devices at a much affordable price. The subscription included in this service begins from $8.99 to $15.99 for a month, depending on the plan that you choose. Now, let’s discuss its pros and cons so that you will be able to discuss if this is best for you or not.


It offers tons of original award-winning programs.
Offers one-month free trial.
Users can cancel their membership at any time.
Offers Ad-free content.
Can download the content and watch it on the offline mode whenever you get time.

It doesn’t offer you the new content right away.
Let’s you select the content depending upon your location.
Outdated library
Tend to remove the currently available shows at any time.

Hulu is another best streaming service that is widely used on a worldwide platform. It is also one of the great rivals to Netflix. Just like Netflix, the streaming service of Hulu also offers a wide variety of great shows and movies. If you want to be updated with all the latest episodes of your favourite shows, then it is the best option that you can choose as it enables you to view the most recent episodes the day after the air. It offers two versions for its users. One is free, where the content is fine, and the other one is paid that covers a lot of other features within itself. You can have its paid subscription available at an amount of $8 for a month. Below mentioned are the pros and cons of this incredible streaming service. Let’s discuss them now:


It offers a great price for its basic plans.
It keeps its site Updated with recently released episodes.
Offers the best quality original programs.
It offers you the option of bundles and Add-ons that enables you to stream from other channels as well without installing the other third-party apps.

It has a small selection of contents as compared to Netflix.
It gives you a very limited download ability. Only iOS and iPadOS users can download their content.
Users will have to pay to avoid the commercials.
And offers content as per your location.
Amazon Prime Video

The streaming service of Amazon Prime Video is the newest among all three in the list. However, it is much cheaper than Netflix and Hulu. With its video streaming service, users can purchase all other items like books, home goods, electricals and all other products as well from its shopping site. Like the above-mentioned streaming platforms, Amazon Prime also keeps you entertained with the shows and movies that it offers you to watch. It is easy to install and set up this service on any of the devices. Users can have this streaming on any of their devices available at $79 for a month. It provides the content of all the genres that is suitable for all the users. It also provides some kids and family shows that you can enjoy with your whole family. Now after knowing this much about this streaming service, it’s time to see its pros and cons:


One of the best parts of subscribing to this service is that it offers you a benefit of free shipping on most of the Amazon products.
Offers an impressive list of shows and movies.
It enables you to access free prime reading in which users can read any books, magazines, news stories and many more.
Can be run on all the devices, smart TVs, Set-Top Boxes, and PCs and Laptops.

It offers a single plan that costs $12.99 for a month and $119 for a year.
It doesn’t allow you to download its videos to watch on the offline mode.
Offers very limited content.
Comparing all the three services with one another clearly states that Netflix and Amazon Prime are the best streaming services among all that you can run on any of your devices. Now, it is up to you to choose between these both as per your preferences.


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