Netflix to Their Subscribers: Use It or Lose It, It’s Your Choice

Those who use OTT platforms for their entertainment are well aware of this term. Here are some points about Netflix for those who don’t have any idea about this platform. It is a live or movie streaming platform that allows their subscribers to watch a variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries, web-series and many more. You just need a device with the internet connectivity and subscription of the account of the application.

With the subscribed account, you will get the unlimited advertisement-free content with a massive library of having web series or other content in several languages. These kinds of services offer more TV shows and music every month and every year.

Use It Or Lose It

If you already have the Netflix account, then this information is for you. Netflix is going to filter its subscribers according to the activity of their subscribers. The company has decided to suspend the account whose account is inactive for a long time. But there is a chance for saving streaming data in the application if you re-subscribe membership before the wiping of the account.

Rarely any subscription-based company takes these kinds of decisions for the pruning of their subscribers. On Thursday, Netflix has announced that they are going to cancel the accounts of the users who haven’t watched anything since they have joined this streaming platform. They also cancel the subscription account for those who haven’t used the service in the last two services. The company said that they would send the e-mails and app-notification to their customers to protect their membership by keeping them active. If the company didn’t receive any feedback or response from the respective users, then their accounts or membership will be deactivated automatically.

There is good news for the users who decided to re-activate your account that you can do this within ten or twelve months of the inactiveness and during this duration, you can easily access your old profile. If you cancel your account and then again re-joins within ten months, then after rejoining, you will get all your favourites, viewing preferences, profile update and account details automatically.

To be more specific about the details, the subscribers who are not watching Netflix are quite small in numbers. According to the official data provided by Netflix, there are only 0.5% of the total Netflix users who are inactive or not using the services from the last 2 years. Approximately, there are a thousand subscribers who will lose their account due to this step of Netflix.

According to the officials, Netflix has reported 183 million (roughly) total subscribers. Among this, 16 million are those who have recently joined this platform due to the current scenario. All the things are going in the right direction for the company.


It is an unusual move by the service provider, which portrays the confidence of Netflix over their active customers.

Yes, there will be a quick drop in the list of the subscription, but they will ensure that there will be no unused subscription in their list.

Source : Netflix to Their Subscribers.


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