Netflix Will Now Let You Control the Playback Speed

Netflix has been experimenting with the Playback speed since 2019. It has always wanted to improve their user experience. So, they have tried giving users more control of their viewing experience by making Playback speed variations just a click away. But their ambition was somewhat stalled by the backlash that they received from creators and Hollywood stars.

Now, Netflix will give its user the option to control playback speed on their phone or tablets. The new feature will be made available globally after a few weeks for Android users. Also,  iOS and web users have to wait for a little longer for the much-awaited update.

The Playback speed controls will let users stream movies and TV shows at faster or slower speeds. The option will also be available for the content that is already downloaded. This will help viewers to choose the pace at which they prefer their content. The feature also doesn’t become the default choice for other content if the user views something with certain playback speed. It means that users have to manually adjust the pace every time they watch something new.

The feature has surprisingly turned out to be quite a controversial one. The opinion on the latest update has been quite divided. Various directors have voiced their criticism of the Playback speed controls. The issue that Hollywood’s creative community has with the update is that they don’t prefer that their work is showcased in any other way. They believe that too many options to play with the viewing experience might jeopardize the content. Although Netflix is trying to work with the people who disagree with the new changes to make sure that the content quality is not compromised.

But still, there will always be some disagreement between the streaming giant and the creators. Directors like Christopher Nolan only want their work to be portrayed in the theatres. Netflix has made it very clear that they also take into account all the concerns that the creators have. As far as playback speed is concerned, they have stated that it is capped only to make sure that the content quality does not suffer.

There has been a lot of support for the update as well. The slowed-down playback option is a great help for deaf viewers. It gives them a chance to adjust with the captions and on-screen images, improving the viewing experience. Moreover, people who are blind will also prefer audio at a faster rate.

Netflix’s spokesperson has said that the viewers were demanding these changes for a long time now. The demands were too many. To neglect them would have been unwise. So, in order to improve the viewer experience, they decided to make the much demanded controversial updates. The viewers seem to be very comfortable with the new updates. However, some creators may not be delighted. It seems like the utilitarian thing to do. How much will Netflix benefit from these changes, and how will the user experience be affected by it? With the new update coming soon globally, it will be up to the subscribers to decide.

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