Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ confirms we are living in the dumbest timeline

Netflix's 'The Circle' confirms we are living in the dumbest timeline

The following is a spoiler-free review of The Circle, episodes 1-4. 

Netflix’s The Circle should make you feel something. 

Disgust, anger, fear for the state of humanity, something. It’s a reality competition show about some of the planet’s must clueless inhabitants vying for approval on social media. It should be a cash cow for subscribers seeking Schadenfreude, juvenile manipulation, and general stupidity.

Too bad it’s among the most boring programs the reality genre has ever seen.

Living in isolated apartments, the series’ contestants — including a model, a pro-basketball player, a Jersey Shore knock-off, and a handful of other nimrods — communicate through a platform known as “The Circle.” Within The Circle, contestants can direct message and play games with each other, as well as update their profiles. Read more…

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