Netflix’s The Old Guard is the Movie of the Summer

The Old Guard has become the blockbuster movie of the summer on the online streaming channel Netflix. The film was scheduled to release on the cinema screen, but due to the pandemic, it was forced to release on the online streaming platform, Netflix. Not only The Old Guard, but the coronavirus pandemic has also affected other huge sensational movies. For example, fans are very upset after hearing the news that MCU’s Black Widow has also been put on hold.

The Old Guard movie is based on a comic, The Old Guard. This comic was written by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez. In this film, the actress Charlize Theron played the role of Andy. Andy is the leader of a band of immortal soldiers. According to the comic and film, a pharmaceutical company tries to hunt these soldiers to crack the code of their immortality. The movie has been directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. It is a very interesting movie with the thrills of hunting and escaping.

The success of the film on Netflix has confirmed that, if this movie had been released on the big screen, it would have broken all the records of a summer Hollywood movie. Netflix is receiving a maximum number of positive reviews for this movie, and it has increased the number of viewers on Netflix. The Old Guard is a super-hit movie with a unique concept. It is the story-line and unique concept of the film, which has helped to get such great fame even after not getting released on big screens.

The Old Guard has become the most rated movie of Netflix in this summer season. The coronavirus pandemic has affected many films because it is spreading widely across the globe. The main problem is that it is communicable in nature, due to which we need to maintain the social distance among us, and for that reason, all the cinemas are temporarily being closed till the situation gets better. This is the reason why the film had to release on the online streaming channel, Netflix. However, it has been a pleasure for Netflix to get the opportunity to release such a blockbuster movie. It has increased the number of viewers on Netflix.

The Old Guard is a film based on a comic, which means it shows the characters and names of the places already used in the comics. The benefit of making a movie based on a comic is that the producers and the unit of the movie already have an idea about the success of that movie. The best example of this scenario can be Marvel’s movies, which are based on the Marvel comics. However, it does not indicate that all the movies which are based on any comic can be a great success. It depends upon the story-line of the comic and the screenplay talent of the actor and actresses involved in the making of a movie based on a comic.

The Old Guard was released on Netflix because the shooting of the movie was completed before the interruption created by COVID-19. This is the reason why the production unit wanted to release the film on an online streaming channel. The director of the film, Charlize Theron does not wish to make a sequel of The Old Guard, as he is waiting for the current situation to get better.

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