Netflix’s “Work It” Doesn’t Quite Work

The spirited cast of this not so original show makes the only leg that it stands on. Work It is a new Netflix show produced by Alicia Keys and stars a group of popular young tweens. The film has all the ingredients it takes to make a typical popular teen drama and is spiced up by dance. However, all things put together, it doesn’t quite work. Netflix has seen quite a success rate with most of its teen romantic comedies think ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,’ ‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,’ and ‘The Kissing Booth.’ However, Work It fails to reach the benchmark set by its predecessors.

What’s ‘Work It’ About?  

The movie is about Quinn Ackerman, a studious high school girl with a dream of getting into Duke. She has spent most of her life building the “perfect resume” for her dream college but is struck down by the admissions team for “not lighting up the box.” However, Quinn is not someone who gives up easily. She decides to teach herself how to dance with the help of her BFF, Jas so she can be a part of her school’s dance team. However, her moves are still quite raw, and she doesn’t make it. Instead of giving up, Quinn decides to form a dance team of her own.

She utilizes her skills to come up with a formula for the perfect dance team. Quinn manages to get the best choreographer in the state, Jake Taylor to coach her dance team for a competition that will determine their future.

It’s extremely predictable and overused storyline holds it back from being a must-watch. Yes, various other movies have been able to pull off similar cliched plots but Work It seems to lack that essential factor that brings the viewers in. The movie has a little bit of everything and yet, not enough of anything. There is absolutely nothing about this film that’s even the slightest bit original. It does have its brief glimpses of romance, but the emotions are just not raw enough to entice the audience.

The Verdict

If you’re a fan of any of the cast members, you will enjoy watching them in action, but apart from them, there isn’t anything else in the movie that you haven’t seen before. If you skip the movie completely, you wouldn’t be missing much, but if you do want to check it out, luckily, it’s a quick watch.

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