Netgear Wi-Fi router R8000 setup using Netgear Genie

Netgear Wi-Fi router R8000 setup using Netgear Genie

How do I use the Netgear Genie application to set up my Netgear WiFi R8000 Nighthawk router?

You can set up your Netgear WiFi R8000 Nighthawk router with the Netgear Genie application manually as well as automatically by using the Netgear Genie screens and menus. Before you begin with the process of the setup, you should get your Internet Service Provider information. Netgear Genie app can run on any computing device with an internet browser and takes about 15 minutes approximately to complete with the basic setup and Installation.

Follow these instructions given below for setup of Netgear R8000 router:-

1. Firstly, turn on the Netgear WiFi R8000 router after connecting it to a power source.

2. Establish wireless or wired connections between your laptop, computer or wireless device and the Netgear WiFi R8000 router with an Ethernet cable (wired) or wirelessly using the default security and safety settings listed on the label of the WiFi router.

Note: In case if you wish to change the Netgear WiFi R8000 router’s wireless setting, you must use a wired connection to avoid being disconnected when the new settings of WiFi take effect.

3. Launch an internet browser from your laptop, computer or your wireless device which is connected to the network of your Netgear R8000 router.

4. When you set up the Internet connection for your WiFi router for the first time, the web browser goes to, and the Netgear genie screen will get displayed.

5. Type in the URL address bar of your internet browser which displays the Netgear WiFi router R8000 genie screen.

6. Follow the onscreen displayed instructions where Netgear genie guides you through connecting the Netgear WiFi R8000 router to the Internet.

If your internet browser is troubling you to display the web page, do the following:-

1. Make sure that your computer or laptop is connected to one of the four LAN Ethernet ports i.e. through a wireless or a wired connection to your Netgear WiFi R8000 router.

2. Make sure proper power connection and supply of power indicated by the Power LED lit white and then try to access Netgear official page for login and setup.

3. Close your current internet browser and reopen the web browser or try accessing the website URL after clearing the cache of the browser.

4. Now browse to the URL

5. In case your computer or laptop has been set to a fixed or static IP address, you must change it to obtain an IP address automatically from the wireless router.

If your Netgear WiFi R8000 Nighthawk router does not connect to the Internet, then you can try the following measures:-

1. Review the settings of your network and make sure you that have selected the correct options and typed everything in a correct way.

2. Contact your Internet Service Provider to verify you have the correct setup configuration information.

Adding several devices to Netgear WiFi R8000 Nighthawk router:-

How do we install the printer driver and connect the printer to our Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router?

Follow these mentioned steps below to install the driver and connect the printer:-

1. Install the software driver for your USB printer on all the computers and laptops on your network connections that share the USB printer.

Note: in case you do not have the driver of the printer, you must contact your printer manufacturer.

2. Connect the USB printer to your Netgear WiFi R8000 router using a USB printer cable for connecting the USB printer to the wireless router USB port.

Some of the USB printer manufacturers (Lexmark and HP printers) recommended not to connect the USB cable until the installation software directs you to do so.

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