New Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 You Must Pay Attention Towards

Digital marketing has become the backbone of multiple industries. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, you cannot ignore the benefits of digital marketing. Digital marketing enables you to reach a broad set of audiences in a cost-efficient manner. But digital marketing has evolved a lot in the last few years.

In this article, we will mention new digital marketing trends of 2020 that you must pay attention to:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized customer experience. Previously, a lot of marketers were not very keen to adopt artificial intelligence in their strategies. But nowadays, many successful brands like Amazon and Spotify have adopted AI and created a better consumer-experience. Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of digital marketing strategies because of its features and benefits. Amazon has recently started using artificial intelligence to show relevant products to their consumers based on the history of their searches, purchases, and views.

AI and machine learning play an important role in running successful PPC campaigns. Machine learning manages various aspects of campaigns like bid management which improves the conversion rates. AI analytics and their ability to perform complex tasks can improve ad delivery to a highly targeted audience.


Chatbots is an AI-based technology that is used for communication with your customers or website visitors in real-time. According to an Oracle survey, 80% of businesses are planning to implement chatbots by 2020. Chatbots are responsive to your customers 24*7, which makes it a perfect tool for creating an efficient customer experience. Apart from prompt response, chatbots can accurately look into your buying history and perform a repetitive task without any errors.

New Marketing Platforms

The majority of marketers run PPC ads on traditional and conventional platforms like Facebook and Google. But nowadays, the target audience is scattered across various platforms as per their requirements. To capture more target audiences, marketers should focus on other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. The growth of social media channels offers a chance to implement marketing strategies involving Amazon Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Other than social media, there are a lot of different platforms where you can successfully implement your PPC campaigns like Bing, Bidvertiser, RevContent,, and more.

Strategic Audience Targeting

In 2019, marketers were more focussed on remarketing, but in 2020 marketing is all about targeting the audience at significant touchpoints in their buying journey. Instead of focusing directly on sales, you should target your audience at the right time with the right message. As per the Marketo Engagement Gap Report, 56% of customers expect brands to have a better understanding of their needs.

Automation Tools for Successful Campaigns

Various automation tools like AI have replaced data-driven and mundane tasks. Using automation tools can significantly increase the chances of your campaign’s success.

Personalized Content

Generating high-quality content plays a significant role in generating leads and increasing brand awareness. Your content needs to be more focussed and customer-oriented. Delivering personalized content can help you in stepping up your content marketing game.

PPC and SEO will go hand-in-hand

PPC and SEO plays a very critical role in running successful PPC campaigns. You can use essential keywords and SEO ranking data to position your strategy and appear in more searches on Google.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most efficient form of content to use in 2020. Video marketing improves conversion rates, and it is easy to understand. Apart from YouTube, you can drive more engagement through live broadcasting on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Users are shifting from desktops to mobile phones, which creates an opportunity for marketers to showcase their content in video format. Video content is more consumable on mobile devices than desktops. Embedding a video on your landing page can increase the chances of driving more organic traffic to your website. Video marketing improves your SEO ranking because Google pushes video embedded pages higher in the rankings.

Influencer Marketing

The trend of influencer marketing has been raised like never before. The brands are targeting their customers through influencers to increase conversion rates. People do not want to hear what brands have to say; they trust influencers when it comes to buying a new product. Influencer marketing is greatly influenced by artificial intelligence. AI is helping brands to find the right influencer for their brand. AI can detect influencers with better engagement, few or no fake followers, and increase the probability of generating a positive ROI. AI determines the performance of influencer with Natural Language Processing and the impact of influencer’s suggestions. It can predict incentives with ANN and can detect flagging posts.

Social Messaging Apps

Social Messaging apps are top-rated among users, and brands can use these apps for marketing their products or services. Brands can use social media apps to message their customers directly and create a personalized experience. Social media apps can deliver the correct information and cultivate more trust. It helps brands to boost their sales and regain potential customers with prompt and consistent support.

Conclusion The competition in digital marketing is always ON. Every day a new trend is coming in the digital marketing industry, and every brand is trying to create a better consumer experience. To stay ahead from your competitors, you need to adopt new digital marketing trends and make your digital marketing strategies flexible enough to adjust any further changes. The above-mentioned digital marketing trends can help you in increasing your brand awareness and better conversions.

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Source: New Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 You Must Pay Attention Towards

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