New Elgato Ring Light Comes With Wifi Connectivity

From YouTube and other media platforms to work-from-home modules, ring lights are used by everyone who wants to stand out in the videos or video calls, and now Elgato is bringing on some serious action. The all-new Ring Light by Elgato not only promises consistent LED lighting, but it now is much easier to be controlled as it is WiFi-enabled.

You will be able to control its access from the settings which you will find on the Elgato app. The app is available for download on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. With the help of the app’s settings, you will be able to adjust the brightness of the LEDs that are edge-lit. You will be able to do that, from their 2,500-lumen maximum down, with 1-percent increments.

You can also adjust the color temperature manually from 2,900 to 7,000k in case you do not have access to the Elgato app. The light ring controls itself and you can make adjustments regarding the color temperature and brightness. On top of the LEDs, there are two diffusion layers to provide you with uniform lighting and to avoid shadows.

You can control the Ring Light over WiFi more effectively if you are already in the Elgato accessory ecosystem. You can do that by using the Stream Deck control panel of the company which allows you to save different configurations to the LCD keys present on the controller to let you switch the settings without even a need to open the app. You can use Siri to switch among the various customized scenes if you are using the Stream Deck Mobile app on an iOS device.

You get a telescopic pole that you can easily stretch from 17-inches to 29-inches. Alongside that, you get a 3D swivel mount to adjust the angle and height of the Ring Light. There’s also a camera ball placed with a screw of over 1/4-inch. This camera ball supports attaching of both the standard cameras and the phone inside the ring.

There’s a padded desk clamp to fix up the Ring Light on to the edge of a 2.35 inches thick desk. You can also use the Multi-Mount modular rigging system of Elgato, in case you also want to mount other devices like a microphone.

The Elgato Ring Light comes with a price tag of $199.99. It comes in a single size and has the power supply inside its box. The phone grip of Elgato comes at a price of $14.99. However if you want a heavy base option to use it for freestanding purposes, it comes at a cost of $39.99. You can order it from any associated store, as the shipping has started.


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