New Facebook Features for Users and Marketers

Like every other social media platform, Facebook keeps improving itself by adding new features. To help you keep yourself updated about the platform, we are sharing with you some of the new features that Facebook has added on the platform.

New Features Launched on Facebook for its Users

Following are the features that have been launched by Facebook on their platform for normal users and marketers

Dark Mode

If you have been using dark mode on your mobile, then this will surely make you happy. Facebook has just launched a dark mode for its users as part of its newly introduced Timeline layout. You can access this feature through your profile settings. Just go to your profile settings and select the dark mode option and enjoy the newly introduced dark mode on Facebook.

New Facebook Messenger App

If you use Facebook on your computer system, then this news will surely make you happy. You no longer have to use your browser for logging into your Facebook profile for chatting with your friends and family thanks to the Facebook messenger app, which has been launched by Facebook. The app is available for both Windows and Mac users and is very easy to use too. So, download the app now and start using it for chatting with your friends and family on your computer.

Quiet Mode

If you are a busy person and don’t want to get disturbed while you are in the office or working on something, then this is the feature for you. Using the quiet mode, you can easily block all the notifications from the Facebook app. It ensures that you never get disturbed by notifications from Facebook while you are working. You can access this feature through your profile settings.

New Features Launched on Facebook for Marketers

Call to Action Buttons

Do you use Call-to-action buttons on your Instagram profile to drive conversions and engagement? If yes, then you are in luck because Facebook has just added Call-To-Action buttons (CTA)on their platform, which you customers can use to book appointments, message you, purchase your products, etc. To add them:

  • Click on the “Edit” option located below your Facebook cover photo.
  • Next, choose your preferred Call-to-action button and add it to your profile page.

Free Songs and Music

If you think finding royalty-free music is difficult, then this feature is for you. Using Facebook creator studio, you get access to thousands of songs and music that you can use for your videos absolutely free. You can access these songs collection using Facebook publishing tools on your Facebook profile. It is a great move by Facebook, which all the marketers on Facebook will surely love.

Chat Function for Facebook Watch Party

This is a really amazing feature that allows you to stream your recorded videos on your page so that your followers can see them. And now, you can drive conversations with them too using the chat function. Facebook has added a chat function for its watch parties feature, which allows the host of the watch party to chat with all the viewers. So do use this function to engage with your followers during your watch party.

Export Reports Feature

Earlier you could not save/export data from Facebook insights, but not anymore. Now, you can easily save/export the data in Facebook insights for reference in the future. To download your data:

  • Click on the “Insights” option.
  • Hit the “Export Data” button.
  • Finally, select the page and date range to download your data. Once you have exported this data, you can use it for reference in the future.

Improved Visibility for the Public and Private Groups on Facebook

With the increase in the number of people joining Facebook groups, Facebook has decided to increase the visibility of groups on Facebook by adding a group tab on its homepage. Using this tab, you can quickly discover new Facebook groups and engage with your already joined groups.


Facebook is working day and night to add new features on its platform, which will give its users a great user experience. Additionally, it has also not forgotten to please the marketers and brands by adding new features to make their work a little bit easier and help them get more out of the platform.
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Source: New Facebook Features for Users and Marketers

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