New Lamborghini Looks like Batmobile

Everyone loves Batman as the Caped Crusader who always fights for the Gotham city and stands against the villains. His most iconic tools are the Batarang and Bat- grapple but one tool that is more iconic of all, which grabs the attention of everyone regardless of them being a fan or not would be the Batmobile. It has been there for ages and the new model of Lamborghini, Vision GT looks exactly like the Batmobile. Batmobile is the trademark vehicle used by Batman to rush on roads of Gotham against villains. It is on the list of famous cars in fiction and although Bruce Wayne has been seen driving Lamborghini in The Dark Knight, not any previous Lambos resembles batmobile like vision GT.


The Batmobile’s first look matches with the Batman comic book in Detective Comics #27. When it was first presented to readers, it was in red and until the  Detective Comics #48, it was not even called by its name. Since the debut, Batmobile has changed many looks according to the era. The company posted footage of Lamborghini Gran Turismo during the World Finals championship with a tweet on the official account. It was hiding under the cover but has been uncovered to give a world glance of it as amazing music and sparks came out of the car to increase the charm of fanfare.

The fans start comparing the car design with Vision GT in the new version of Batmobile. It is something different that Bruce will love to drive. The driver enters a car like a plane fighter and people surely love imagining the real Batmobile running on the road. However, the car will not be easy to own as it will be part of racing. Thus either running on the racing tracks or in the video games, but it will surely look great.

It will be exciting to see it on screen in the future. Vehicles are an essential part of the Batman series, so the fans will be excited to see Batmobile and how it’s going to change. The director Matt Reeves is putting the cast together for The Batman. Since there has been some explanation, the onus must be with Reeves to present something. Using Lamborghini’s new launch, it would be something amazing and different for a movie that the fans want to see. Fans will get the chance to get behind in Gran Turismo Sport when it debuts in 2020.

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