New Mama Kit hampers- Best New Mum Gifts

New Mama gift hampers are the best new mum gifts you could ask for! They are versatile, handy and unique. Each item is handpicked and sourced from local brands that are ethical and sustainable. All this goodness for our mama bears to have the best time of their life.

What is in the Gift Hampers?

We have designed our baskets with one thing in mind- the comfort of mums. Each Hamper contains items handpicked to make a new mum’s life easier. While some baskets may have a little different index, we made sure to make each basket a valuable gift for mums. Some of the favourite items in the Hamper are-

  • A huge chocolate bar

For the nights she gets a sweet tooth, or the days her food delivery runs late, there is a treat that works a treat for new Mums. A big (small is never enough) chocolate bar to keep her sane.

  • Piccolo Sparkling

What the new mum wanteth, the new mum getteth. If the new mum wants her mommy juice, treat her with a Sparkling Piccolo that is a part of the luxurious new mum gift hamper. She will love it!

  • Affirmation cards

On the days you feel anything less than a supermum, here are some affirmation cards to remind you. Simply turn the affirmation card over, breathe and remind yourself of the positives.

  • Trail Mix

As a new mum, the number of nights you will get sleep will always be less than the ones you will spend awake. You can barely keep your eyes open; how do you propose to make a meal as well? Here comes the saviour—Munch on the trail mix to keep up your energy throughout the day (and night).

  • Coffee

A coffee date with self is the highest form of self-care. Now just because you cannot run down to your local cafe for your favourite drink doesn’t mean you have to give up on coffee.

How to choose the best new mum gifts?

New Mama Kit has a range of all-inclusive, versatile and pretty gift hampers. This is the reason they are the best new mum gifts. Every mum is different, and so is their journey. All our gift baskets are made to fit the needs of the mums, however diverse they are. For example, the first-time mum gift hamper is the perfect gift for the ones experiencing motherhood for the first time. If you want to spoil the new mum with an extravagant gift, get her a super mama hamper. If anyone deserves a little indulgence, it is our supermums. Relax and Recover Hamper is ideal for every new mum. No matter how experienced you are, birthing a child is the same.

What is the best time to gift her a New Mama Kit Gift Hamper?

The ideal time to get a new mum a gift hamper is her fourth trimester, when she needs the most care and attention. But there is a reason why the New Mama Kit is one of the best new mum gifts – because you can gift it to her anytime before or after she gives birth. It will still be helpful. The hampers are practical and come in handy for both new mums and to-be-mums. You can even carry some of the stuff in your hospital bag. That is how versatile it is!

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