Setting up a new manufacturing plant involves a fairly complicated process. Contrary to what is opined by many, here; things are not as plain as they appear. Thus, it’s advisable that businesses adopt only the best methods and practices, in this context. Any negligence will lead to grave financial repercussions. This write-up is going to throw light on the important guidelines related to plant set-up and plant layout.

Plant setup – some key aspects to consider
Firstly, let us focus on some salient aspects of establishing a new plant.

• It’s paramount that the location chosen for the new plant is appropriate for the given manufacturing activities. You have to ensure that there is a good demand for the product that is going to be manufactured in the new plant.
• Also, one has to make sure that the land acquired for the purpose conforms to the specific requirements.
• It is preferable that the company starts off only with small, short-term goals. Here, straight-away defining too many big targets will be detrimental to the organization’s interests.
• Many entrepreneurs overlook this significant point and end up facing problems later on. All the concerned approvals and permissions have to be obtained from the authorities, well beforehand. You need to be fully aware of the corresponding rules and laws of the geographic location where you intend to set up the unit.
• When it comes to financing, companies now have access to several choices. But, it must be understood that not every option is suitable for all. In this respect, seek the assistance of professionals who can aptly guide you.
• While chalking out the time-frame for completion of the work, it’s necessary that you are patient. Please don’t try to speed up things. This is because; in these initial stages, even a minor deviation can cause serious issues for the business.
• It is extremely crucial that you utilize the services of a reliable building contractor. When this contractor’s team supervises the construction process, the business can rest assured that things will progress as per the planned schedule.

Plant Layout
Now, we come to the most pivotal element in the process of establishing a new manufacturing entity: plant layout. “Layout” refers to the physical design of the plant. “Plant layout” includes the total area of the plant, places where machines are located, dimensions of each room, and assembly lines, to cite a few.

We have to note that it’s only if the layout is right that the processes in the plant can go on smoothly. Therefore, it shall be worthwhile to briefly elaborate on some key aspects of plant layout.

• Companies are strongly advised to refrain from preparing the layout designs, all by themselves.
• It is indispensable that the company depends on the services of competent designers, for preparing the blueprint of the plant layout. Only these experts possess the capability to prepare the design that meets your requirements.
• The designers now use sophisticated digital technologies to bring out the proper layout design.
• Before approving a design, the business is now enabled to virtually move around the proposed building. That will give you a perfect idea of whether any changes have to be made to the design of the layout.
• Ideally, the company has to make certain that a substantial area of surplus space is there in the layout. With that, there won’t be any hindrances in increasing the volume of operations, as the business grows.

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