New to the RC Vehicle World? Some Common Mistakes to Avoid

Getting into driving RC vehicles can be an exciting time for many, and those of us who have years of RC driving experience under our belts look back fondly on that newfound passion. Many of us also know that we made our fair share of mistakes along the way that we wish we could have avoided. To keep you from learning lessons the hard way, here are a few common beginner mistakes to avoid so you can get the most enjoyment out of the learning process and your RC vehicle hobby.

lvtrd02alt01Not Reading the Manual

While it can be liberating to open a new camera box and immediately toss the manual to explore the product on your own, with RC vehicles, it’s worth it to read the manual. RC cars and trucks have a lot of moving parts and your manual details all of the pieces along with other useful information. Even if you can tell the difference between all of the parts, the manual will provide information about maintenance schedules and fine-tuning the engine, along with advanced troubleshooting tips. When something goes wrong, you’ll be glad you read the manual rather than tossing it.

Skipping the Break-In Period

Ask anyone who drives fast RC cars or quick RC trucks and they’ll tell you that the temptation to place the vehicle on a straightaway and let the throttle rip is very strong, but they’ll also tell you that breaking in the engine is more important. Even when you buy ready-to-run vehicles, more times than not the manufacturer will recommend you break in the engine before hitting top speeds. The reason you must break in the engine is because immediately opening up the throttle on the static engine puts too much stress on it and can damage it. So, read your manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best running engine.

Disregarding Maintenance

Speaking of regular maintenance, what separates hobby-grade RC vehicles from toy-grade remote control cars and trucks (besides the quality of their components) is their performance and the stresses they endure. Even if you drive your vehicle extremely carefully, eventually you’ll need to clean, tune, and fix parts on your hobby-grade RC vehicle. If you put this preventative and routine maintenance off, you’ll likely end up having to replace your parts completely, which can be expensive, and your RC vehicle won’t drive as nicely as it could have had you kept up with it.

Not Joining the Community

While there’s nothing wrong with getting into RC vehicles as a way to enjoy some solitude and the simple pleasure of escaping to the track and driving your vehicle, with a community as big as the RC community is, it’s worth getting involved. Whether online or at the local hobby shop, the RC community is incredibly big and full of people from all walks of life all sharing in this experience. Most people are incredibly friendly (even when racing against one another) and are ready to help beginners learn more about their RC vehicle and the sport.

Local hobby stores have long been the gathering place for RC enthusiasts, but now the online world is playing an important part in bringing drivers from across the world together. You’ll find that the best online retailers like Tower Hobbies® do more than just sell RC vehicles and parts, and that the staff is also friendly and will answer any and all questions you might have. Whether that means finding the best RC 4×4 trucks for your needs or helping to determine why your engine is making a funny noise, they’re there to help.

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