New-To-Use Features Users May Like When Using Microsoft-Windows 8.1 Version

Windows version 8.1 has been designed to offer a better user experience. You can presently download and install this version on any new laptop or desktop. You can collect more details related to added features online from office sites.


  • The version of windows offers new and improved OS features
  • It is one of the best options if you are linked to the corporate sector or IT department
  • The latest windows version is more smooth to operate for multi-tasking


You can check with top-added Windows 8.1 OS features on your own. You can also get familiar with some of the more useful aspects of the content.


  • Metro start option


Users may always like the new Metro start option that has been added to the latest windows version. Using this particular feature the users can launch the applications from a newly selected location. Users can perform all major updates as well using this feature.


It is also possible for users to regroup all major applications that they want to launch from a remote location. For users, the experience is always new.


  • Launch traditional desktop


If you are still very much comfortable with using the traditional windows desktop, then you can launch it even when using the new windows version. It offers this particular feature for users. You can continue using your old version of windows 7 as well when installing the new windows version.


You can check the new features of the Microsoft Windows 8.1 version online. All the applications that you run on traditional windows can be accessed on the latest version as well. It is like using two different systems for performing your tasks.


  • Additional apps


Why would you like to move to a new version of windows? You may certainly want access to some of the new apps on your desktop. This is one advantage you get when you install the latest windows version of 8.1.


This certainly is one of the new ways to perform your task on a laptop or desktop. It offers with experience that is completely new for the users.


  • Access store facility


If you are already using windows’ latest version then you are aware of the storage facility. Users may have the access to windows store. You can install and add any new app from this store. The apps can be easily installed on the desktop screen.


You can keep using the metro apps from the desktop screen itself. You can search for more information related to Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1. Users may have the option to use any app with a single click on the icon.


  • Multiple device access


The main advantage of the 8.1 version is that it is considered to be tablet ready application. This means that users will be able to use it on multiple devices including tablets. The windows version is compatible with multiple devices.


You can continue using the same OS on a different device. You may not have to keep changing the setup every time you use it. This is helpful for any user. To get more familiar with the features you can check the official website online.


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