New trend of global plant extract application

Plant extracts not only can be used as dietary supplements, but also can be used in food and beverage. According to the latest statistics of food and nutrition in Europe, in 2019, the new categories containing plant extracts are soft drinks (13%), ready to eat and side dishes (10%) and baking (9%). The first five raw materials used are rosemary extract, hops extract, onion extract, guarana extract and Siraitia grosvenorii extract.

Rosemary extract flavoring antioxidant

Rosemary extract is the most widely used plant extract in new products in 2019. Rosemary itself is a kind of spice with special fragrance, which can refresh the mind. Rosmarinus officinalis extract contains many active components such as carnosic acid, rosmarinic acid and so on. It not only has the antioxidant effect of traditional plant extracts, but also can prevent the oxidation deterioration of oil and food, and has the function of antisepsis and antibacterial. In addition, rosemary extract is still stable at 240 ℃ and can be used for frying and baking food.

Many plant derived antioxidants are not stable to light or heat, rosemary extract has no such problems, so it can play its natural antiseptic properties in dietary supplements, beverages, fresh meat, and even condiments. Rosemary extract is added to the oxidation process as a seasoning and antioxidant, and is also used in food and beverage in foreign high-end markets. For example, there is a new kind of soft pancakes, whose ingredients include almond powder, honey, organic coconut sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, flaxseed, etc., and only rosemary extract is used for preservation; Coca Cola recently launched a New Cola of rum and whisky in the UK. The strong flavor is ginger, Mexican pepper, rosemary and jasmine as the main flavor components.

Hops extract flavor

Hops extract is an indispensable raw material in beer brewing. In beer brewing, hops give beer refreshing aroma, bitter taste and anti-corrosion properties, and form a white, delicate, rich foam, which also plays a role in clarification of wort. In addition, hops also has excellent pharmacological effects. The results showed that the polyphenols in hops had obvious antioxidant effect; hops, Humulus scandens and other chemical components had inhibitory effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis.

In addition to brewing beer, some juice, soda, Kombucha and even snacks also began to add hops to form the taste of beer. Recently, a company launched a sleeping drink, which consists of natural herbal extracts such as lemongrass and hops. Hops extract can also be added to snacks. Beer flavored fried shrimp is a kind of leisure snack, which is made of hops extract in beer.

Onion extract flavor preservative

Onion is an important seasoning material, which can not only provide unique taste and smell, but also stimulate appetite and help digestion. At the same time, onion extract also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, which can be used as food preservatives. It was found that phenolic compounds in onion could inhibit the growth of many kinds of bacteria, such as Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus, Micrococcus luteus, Listeria monocytogenes and so on, especially the microorganisms related to food spoilage. Onion contains prostaglandin A and metoprolamide, which has certain antihypertensive and hypoglycemic effects, and can inhibit the increase of blood lipid caused by high-fat diet. It is a functional food raw material.

Blackcurrant is a kind of carbonated beverage with blackcurrant flavor. The main ingredients are blackcurrant, oligosaccharide, onion peel extract powder, hyaluronic acid, etc.; Spirulina yogurt seasoning powder can be mixed by consumers with different tastes of yogurt, spinach, onion extract, Kia seed, kale, spirulina.

Guarana extract – anti fatigue and energy supplement

Guarana is rich in amino acids, alkaloids, minerals, tannins, vitamins and carbohydrates, which is conducive to the absorption of human tissues.

Guarana extract is a substance extracted from guarana seeds. The caffeine in this plant can gradually and slowly stimulate the nerves. This kind of stimulation lasts for a long time, is mild and harmless to human body. Products from other sources are usually quick but short-lasting. Therefore, in recent years, guarana extract has gradually replaced the chemically synthesized caffeine in the energy beverage industry.

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