New Windows 10 Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

There’s nothing really like a fresh PC. It’s quick, uncluttered, and a pleasure to operate.

After a few weeks, you’re left with a slew of rubbish on your computer and folders full of useless data.

Take a wise security precaution while you’re trying to clean up. To password-protect folders in Windows 10 Professional, tap or click. When dealing with files containing sensitive information, such as tax documents, go the extra mile.

Now we can get down to business. I have ingenious computer tricks for you.

Web Browsing Has Become A Lot Easier

Here’s a fantastic hack you’ll utilize all the time if you’re on a computer. Hover your cursor over a URL and tap the mouse wheel. The link will open in a new tab.

You also can right-click and choose “Open hyperlink in new tab,” however why bother when this method is so straightforward?

Another tab tactic: If you dismiss a tab by mistake in Windows 10 Professional, you can reopen it with some keystrokes rather than accessing your computer menu. Ctrl + Shift + T is the shortcut.

Update The File Manager

Let’s be honest about it. In Windows 10 Professional, navigating through documents has never been simple. Here’s an idea you might like: There are  free third-party file explorers available from the Windows Store.

The built-in File Explorers should be called Files.  They come with a clean, modern appearance, is simple to browse and can be customized to suit your needs. It also works great with OneDrive.

Share Your Screen Without Third-Party Programs

Do you have somebody in your life that need tech assistance on a regular basis? Perhaps you require assistance in updating your outdated drivers or resolving another issue.

Quick Assist is a good option. It’s quite easy to use, and there’s no need to download anything.

In your desktop, type “quick assist.” There will be two alternatives for you to choose from: Get help or Give assistance. To remote in for assistance, follow the on-screen directions.

A word of caution: Only give this level of access to people you know and trust.

View Clipboard History

If you are like many experts, you spend your days copying and pasting text and graphics. When you mistakenly copy over your previous choices, it’s a pain. That’s where the history of the clipboard comes in. You can save up to 25 items so you can recall your most recent choices.

To activate clipboard memory, follow these steps:

  • Go to Start > Settings (gear icon) > System
  • Turn “Clipboard history” on by clicking Clipboard.
  • After you’ve enabled history, press Windows + V to get a list of the objects you’ve cloned. A window will appear, with the most current item at the top. You can duplicate any of them again by clicking on them.
  • Do you want to clear all Clipboard history? To access your Clipboard options, follow the steps above and select Clear under “Delete clipboard information.”

Tap on the three dots next to an object in the Clipboard record pop-up to remove or pin it.


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