New World: How To Complete Each Corrupted Breach

Aeternum is a land of immense beauty and endless wonder that The Corrupted seeks to stain and dominate with its vile presence. Luckily there has some way to destroy these abominations.

Once you gain the Corruption’s Bane, you’ll have access to one of, if not the most fruitful activities in New World – Corrupted Breaches. Corrupted Breaches are potentially the best way to gain experience and earn gear, coins, and Azoth. In This guide, we’ll tack how to complete each type of corrupted breach.

Not all Corrupted Breaches are created equal, and they come in varying degrees of difficulty, size, and enemy defenders. A single player can manage some Corrupted Breaches while others will require groups of skilled combatants to complete.

Solo Breaches

Corrupted Monolith – The main objective in completing the Corrupted Monolith Breach is to break the carapace at the monolith base, then Close the Corruption’s Bane objective. There will be Several Corrupted mobs that spawn throughout the area but once cleared, and you should be able to complete this with minimal resistance quickly.

Corrupted Portal – Corrupted Portals have multiple waves of Corrupted Mobs Spawn. Defeat the boss, Close the Corruption’s Bane Objective, and you are finished! On the Final Wave, a Corrupted Boss Mob Will Spawn.

Corrupted Tentacle – There will be a Centralized Corrupted Tentacle – Rush in quickly before it starts attacking, dealing a fatal blow to the tentacle as it can deal massive amounts of damage. Once the tentacle is dead, a Corruption’s Bane Objective will spawn. Close it, and you are done!

Festering Hive – On the Festering Hive, you will find Veils on each side that can be destroyed. Once destroyed, you can enter the Hive, where you will find a Heavy Corrupted Boss. Once you slay this foul beast, you’ll be able to close the Corruption’s Bane Objective and complete the breach.

Group Breaches

Group Corrupted Portals – Very similar to the smaller variant, Group Corrupted Portals require you to slay several large waves of corrupted in order to face the corrupted boss – Group together eventually, Fight the Waves of Corrupted Enemies, Kill the Boss, and close the Corruption’s Bane Objective.

Group Corrupted Monolith – This is probably the most complicated Corrupted Breach to Close. There will be Three Corrupted Pylons in this breach, each with their own Corruption’s Bane Objective. Once each one is closed, a Carapace will spawn in the middle of the Monolith – break it and the last Corruption’s Bane Objective will Appear. Throughout this process, several amounts of Corrupted minions will spawn that will impede your progress. Stay Grouped, and fight together! Closing the objective will complete the breach.

Adventuring in New World can be perilous, even on a good day, but opening your map will allow you to see Territories affected by Corruption. Zooming in, you will see indicators showcasing the different Corrupted Breaches spread throughout the Territory. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to plan out your path if you’d like to avoid these dangers or specifically go after them.

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