New Year’s Resolutions for Foodies

This year is quickly coming to a close, and if you’re like many, you probably have a list of goals and resolutions for the coming year. From reading more books to picking up a new workout routine, we all have goals that we hope will push us to be better. Have you thought about interest-specific goals? If you are a self-described foodie, you can explore your culinary passions more with these foodie resolutions.

Appreciate New Cocktails

We all have our usual go-to cocktails, but there’s an entire world of libations out there just waiting for you to try them. From the Ten Minute Martini™ to the Sidecar, it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to expand your horizons.

Mixologists and bartenders alike spend a great deal of time concocting the perfect flavor profile to sip alone or pair with a meal, so enjoy it! Get more adventurous this year and have the bartender or even the sommelier recommend your new favorite drink or pairing.

Seek Out Fresh Food Whenever Possible

Fresh veggies, other produce, and meat simply taste better than food that goes through a long supply chain from the farm to your table. Luckily, finding the freshest food isn’t too hard if you go to the right places.

For example, Chandlers specializes in offering some of the freshest seafood Boise offers. Although Boise, Idaho is a day’s drive from the nearest ocean, they work to deliver fresh seafood fare through their partnerships and expedited jet-fresh shipping.

Experience Fine Dining More Often 

There isn’t an experience quite like enjoying a meal at one of the premium fine dining restaurants in your area. For many of us, we only treat ourselves to the best fine dining Boise offers on rare special occasions, but it’s an experience worth enjoying more often. You won’t find the menu selections, premium ingredients, or atmosphere that fine dining is known for at just any restaurant, and the elevated experience is a treat for all of your senses.

Savor More Than the Food

As a foodie, it can be easy to focus solely on what’s on the plate in front of you, but there’s so much more to the dining experience. There’s a reason not all restaurants look the same, as the artwork on the walls, music in the background, lighting, and more can impact the entire dining experience. As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes first, so restaurant owners put a great deal of effort into the atmosphere. So, this year, make a point to sit and savor your surroundings as well as your meal. Observe the carefully selected décor and let the live band in the dining room serenade you. You might even notice new things about your favorite fine dining restaurant that further elevate your experience.

About Chandlers

Since opening in 2007, Chandlers has been the premier steakhouse Boise has to offer. They have a high-quality selection of premium steaks as well as jet-fresh seafood courtesy of their fishing partners in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. If you read local and national restaurant rankings, you’ll likely find Chandlers atop the list for the best steakhouse, most romantic restaurant, and more. Along with offering a selection of premium dishes and cocktails, Chandlers is known for its sophisticated fine dining atmosphere. The restaurant also features some of the best live music Boise offers nightly and is the perfect destination for special occasions and date nights, as well as private luncheons and dinners. 

Browse Chandlers’ menu and make a reservation at  

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