Newborn Disposable Diaper Tips

New parents need to learn so much, both before and after they bring home their little one.  Diapers is just one topic about which they must learn.  Let’s look at what newborns need and offer a few tips.

Newborns will use roughly ten to twelve diapers a day (don’t worry, parents, that’ll lessen to about seven as baby ages).  Because diapers hold, well, pee and poop, it’s important to make sure they fit.  A too-loose or even too-tight diaper can lead to messy leakages.

Which Size to Choose?

So, how do you choose the right fight?  Weight, mostly.  Most diaper brands offer newborn and preemie sizes, which fit babies up to ten pounds, which allow for umbilical cord care, stretch easily to accommodate for baby’s rapid growth, and offer maximum soaking ability (because baby is extra messy at this stage).  Certain brands offer additional features and protections.   For example, Huggies Little Snugglers, which come in a range of sizes based on weight (preemie to size 6), offer double grip strips, a wetness indicator, plant-based materials, extra softness, and extra absorbency for night protection.

Signs Baby Needs a Larger Diaper

Even if you brought what appears to be the correct size, here are signs you need to move up to a larger diaper size:

•    Leg bands look or feel tight
•    Waistband is too snug
•    There are red marks on skin near diaper
•    Diaper tabs keep opening
•    Diaper is leaking
•    Baby appears uncomfortable

When to Change Baby’s Diaper

Change baby’s diaper each time they pee or poop or at least every two or three hours.  If baby has sensitive skin, change diaper more often.  Such will help prevent diaper rashes and other skin irritations and infections.

How to Change Diapers

Keep a newborn’s bottom covered during changing – they will sometimes pee when exposed to cool air – such will help prevent a mess.  Newborns usually remain agreeable for the first four months, so changing is usually simple at this stage.   Just wipe their bottom and private areas with a wipe or damp cloth and fasten the diaper in place.  Make sure diaper tabs are secure and that there are no gaps around the waist or legs.  Until the umbilical cord breaks off, fold the diaper below the cord.


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