Newborn Photography Tips for Kids

Babies are a joy for every parent; that feeling when they hold their little angel in their hands is purely beautiful. Every moment spent with the child is beautiful, including the headache from the crying and the poop and all. Every parent understands that this feeling will not last forever. As the saying goes, “the young shall grow.” Hence, they want to document every moment spent with them when they are little.

The perfect way to document your little ones’ life is via photographs. Taking photographs of newborns is an entirely different experience from taking photographs of a child or an adult. Hence, the preparations made are different. 

Most parents who are new to the experience of organizing newborn photograph sessions make mistakes that endanger the child or result in a poor photo session. Of course, no parent wishes to endanger their kid’s life, so there is a need to be cautious when organizing a newborn photo session. This article will outline everything about newborn photography sessions, from factors to consider and photography tips parents should know.

Firstly, the first tip every parent should know about newborn photography is the categories or styles of newborn photography. Two styles or categories of newborn photography form the basis for any newborn photography idea. They include:

  • Lifestyle photographs: This is a more laid-back session where the photographer takes photos in the baby’s natural habitat, particularly the baby’s home. The idea is for the baby to be comfortable. Photographers can include family members in the photo to give the session more spice.
  • Stylized photographs: This is similar to the lifestyle photographs but with less clothing on the baby. The only parts covered in this kind of  are the genitals. Materials like baskets, mom, dad, and more are used as props.

After knowing the newborn categories, the parent wants to ensure that the baby feels safe. This is where knowing the photographer follows. Newborn photography requires pictures of the baby in its first two weeks after birth; thus, parents must start preparations before the baby’s arrival.

Parents should please research the photographer they will be hiring for the newborn photoshoots. They want to know the photographer well enough to entrust their baby in their care (even though they will be present during the photo session).

Parents should start by making a list of photographers close to them when looking for who to hire; from the collated list, they can start conducting due research on each photographer in the list. Some of the things they should be interested in knowing about the photographer are:

  • The level of experience garnered with babies
  • The photographer’s portfolio. This should consist of details like the number of newborns the photographer photographs in a year, the length of the photographer’s session, and more)
  • The kind of props the photographer uses. (There is a need to ensure that the props used do not put your baby in danger).

The tips above are taken when choosing a photographer; however, there are specific preparations, the parents should take on their part. They include:

  • Having insurance protection
  • Establishing a relationship with the photographer because you need to be comfortable with the professional before entrusting the baby in their care.


Cost is essential when choosing a photographer for your newborn, but it should not be the driving factor. This article has outlined tips to help parents obtain the best baby photoshoots.

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