Next-level Social Media App Development In 5 Steps

With over 4.2 billion dynamic users, social media platforms have changed the world. Something which began as a backdrop for sharing photographs of loved ones has become one of the most beneficial publicity mediums for organizations.

Competition on the web is more aggressive than any other time, and it’s tough for new organizations to find and keep customers curious. With 83% of Instagram users saying they discover new products and services on Instagram, the platform presents an extraordinary chance to contact a considerable crowd of possible buyers.

Therefore, being a social media company, if you’re not creating a social media app with the relevant expertise. You’re missing out on a huge chunk of profit to stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s understand how to reach out to almost half of the world’s population using effective social media app development.

What’s more, you can capture an average user’s 145 minutes worth of time surfing and scrolling on social media every day to sky-rocket your brand’s profits.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

STEP #1- Specifications Matter To Users-

Every social media application development usually has a single objective- gaining popularity and having an ever-increasing number of downloads on iOS and Android operating systems.

The media and entertainment app development should have features that help attract and sustain the users once they have successfully started using the app regularly. Every social media app development company should keep in mind to fuel their app with an infinite supply of content to feed into the recess of their user’s senses.

The social media app should be used freely and offer hyper-personalization regarding the content viewed, shared, and stored. Remember that user engagement is directly proportional to ad revenues from the app usage.

STEP #2- Hyper-Personalisation Never Fails To Impress-

AI ML and Big Data make social media app development a magical experience for its users. The integration of these technologies helps predict and learn the user behavior to customize the content offered to them. Specifying and building on a feature should involve distributing content customized to users’ viewing history, likes, and purchase history.

Never underestimate the importance of personalization to users for media and entertainment app development.

Over 70% of users prefer brands that offer a personalized experience and build on them.

STEP #3- Let The Scrolling Never Stop-

As mentioned earlier, the content cycle should be enormous and never-ending for successful social media app development. Let the information pour in everywhere because if it stops, the user will come out of the app, and there go your millions in drains.

Consistently hitting on the same spot puts a dent in the metal, so does the flow of interesting information. Whether the user is active or not, whenever he re-opens his account, he should feel left out. Therefore, he has to come back frequently to stay in the loop on updates from his friends, family, and acquaintances.

STEP #4- Use The Carrot, Not The Stick-

Philosopher Jeremy Bentham may be wrong in the context of media and entertainment app development.

Users enjoy receiving validation from friends, family, relatives, and even strangers when they upload a part of their lives. They like the carrot as part of user engagement, such as likes, shares, re-share, comment, subscribe, retweet, follow, etc.

Terms used for user engagement may be different for social media apps, but they sprout from a single will of humans to be liked based on what they share with the world. Monetizing these metrics is no big secret, but using these effectively by a social media app development company still is a mystery.

STEP #5- Remember, Your User Is A Social Being-

Users are ultimately humans who like to socialize but need a push. WhatsApp successfully channelized this behavior into its blue tick feature. The blue tick signifies that a receiver has read the message and is bound to reply earliest.

It is one of the features of WhatsApp that has made it a regular medium for communicating and sharing texts, photos and videos without a hitch.

A social media development company should apply the principles of psychology for an enriching user experience and successful media and entertainment app development solutions.

Final Words-

Social media application development is the most strategic decision to attract a global audience to your platform. Entrust only the best for this task.

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