NFTs are absolutely Meta! The tech giant now opens NFT sharing!


We live in a world ruled by social media. Our presence on these platforms often governs our very sense of self, for better or for worse. With social media being nearly ubiquitous today, the world is closer knit than ever, with viral trends traversing continents within mere seconds. With this being the case, these networks are imperative in influencing our perception of a product. 

Of late, there have been several articles and posts declaring NFTs dead, or halfway there at the very least. Despite NFT gaming marketplaces having an avid base of players, NFTs have, admittedly, been on a downswing. However, this tech may very soon find revitalization in gargantuan proportions. Tech titan, Meta, recently announced that Facebook and Instagram will now support NFT sharing for US users. This could breathe new life into the NFT world. 

The Story so far

Opening up its platforms to NFTs is a feature Meta has been testing out since May this year. Here on out, users in the US will be able to connect wallets from Coinbase, Dapper Labs, MetaMask, Rainbow and Trust, and share their NFTs on the platforms. Cross-sharing between Instagram and Facebook is also a feature that has been rolled out. NFT sharing will also be open to users from 1000 countries where digital collectibles have already been made available on Instagram.

To share NFTs on these platforms, select the “digital collectibles” tab under Settings and connect your wallet. Follow the instructions regarding setup and voila, you can now share your NFTs like you would any other post. NFTs can also be shared directly from your wallet by selecting “Share to Feed”. NFTs that are shared will also have a shimmer, differentiating them from regular posts.

Final Thoughts

Meta has been gearing up for a launch into the Metaverse for quite a while now. With this announcement, we are one step closer to what was once a distant reason. After the recent downturn in NFT sales, this may be just the thing to revive NFTs! 

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