NFTs- Your Gateway Into A World of Limitless Possibilities

Are you a NFT flipper? It is a degen title that the GenZ loves to call themself. The world today is evolving so fast that kids today are making tonnes of money flipping monkey faces. Ok, let’s keep jokes aside.

NFTs are digital assets stored on a blockchain that is unique, interoperable, interchangeable, and non-fungible. The non-fungibility, uniqueness, and rarity of these assets impart value to them. This is a story you’ve all already heard about but when we talk about NFTs it is unavoidable as it was were the ice broke. Here we go again, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, the digital artwork of Beeple got sold for a massive price of $69 million at the Christie’s auction. Since then NFTs have been witnessing a rise that no other assets in the history of mankind have ever witnessed.

NFTs are now having use cases on various business models. Building gated communities, Membership access, tickets, digital arts, play-to-earn games, and more. This innovations have paved the way for people to earn in diverse ways. Who would have imagined that you can just sit on your couch and play random games and earn for the same but NFTs have made it happen. Buy and sell NFT is in itself a hobby for many degens today. That’s what we are speaking about here, NFTs introducing us to a diverse mode of revenue.

Onboard yourself into this lucrative space at the earliest and leverage on it!

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