NIDO Kinder 1 Toddler Milk

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In 1903, the Wright Brothers were inventing flight, the first World Series was played — and the Moores and Ross Milk Company were founded.

Two decades later, Moores and Ross would develop the very first commercial milk-based baby formula, Similac, which gave moms a choice. So it’s no surprise that Similac was a big hit with moms (and babies) in every corner of the country.

Year after year, Moores and Ross continued to innovate its baby formula and bring new choices to moms — like the first liquid formula, and the first iron-fortified formula, just to name two.

In 1964, Ross Laboratories merged with Abbott Laboratories. Today, the innovative spirit of the Moores and Ross Milk Company lives on as Abbott Nutrition.

Abbott continues to give moms new ways to nourish their babies with options like hypoallergenic, soy, organic, sensitive, and non-GMO formulas.

So, whether you choose to formula feed or to supplement breastfeeding with formula, you can be confident in the nourishment of Similac.

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