Nine Essential Features Every Electronic Logging Device Must Have

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) has managed to acquire widespread recognition all across globe. It could be loosely defined as a solution, which allows expert truck drivers and professional motor carriers to track hours of compliance without any hassle. Based upon assumptions specified by FMCSA in its evaluation, ELDs are also capable of saving substantial amount of time as well as money, thus, enhance overall user performance. Well, let us now explore few essential features, which every person must look out for, before making purchases.


  1. According to research, best electronic logging devices provide separate accounts for administrative users and drivers. This allows both of them to maintain their own individual records without any hassle. Now isn’t that absolutely great?
  1. Electronic logging device has impressed larger segments of population probably because it furnishes user manual to a great extent. In other words, any individual operating ELD could handle malfunctions on their own or contact safety officials in case things seem getting worse.
  1. Most contemporary ELDs found in market have an audio feature but it fortunately does not function on its whim. Having volume and mute buttons, consumers can regulate it as per their requirements and expectations.
  1. Do not try purchasing a product if the provider does not ask driver records and certification after every twenty four hours. All of these documents are exceptionally important, and shows whether a person is capable of driving a vehicle or not. Even though many neglect, the said aspect deserves lot of attention.
  1. Electronic logging device must be capable of recording driving timings and after an interval of an hour, it must offer data associated with location, engine hours, identification, and vehicle miles.
  1. No matter how easy it might seem, choosing a proper electronic logging device calls for much dedication. Most contemporary drivers try opting for one that can detect a destination with enough accuracy of 1 mile radius during continuous driving periods or when a driver is in motion.
  1. The next exceptionally important feature is an electronic logging device must be compatible with UTC or universal coordinated time. Any variation can pave way for several errors or offer incorrect information. Now that is something none of us would want to happen.
  1. Electronic logging device are considered ideal only if it can prevent tampering, and fortunately nearly all of them can. Nobody can erase or modify information recorded about driving.
  1. Top-notch professionals carrying electronic logging devices comparison to choose optimal emphasized upon significance of internal synchronization every now and then. This particular procedure allows a user to properly control engine module, thus, automatically receive status regarding engine power, vehicle motion, and other substantial information.

If an electronic logging device (ELD) has all features stated above, please consider procuring it without any further hesitation. Now there is a wide range of options readily available but people must depend upon a credible provider, who assures quality along with affordability. Carry out thorough background check and seek specialized recommendations otherwise you might unfortunately end up with an amateur, or in other words, utterly poor quality products.

An increasing number of modern-day individuals are investing in electronic logging device (ELD). Are you thinking of doing same? If yes, look out for important features, and then only make a purchase. Also try conducting electronic logging devices comparison. This really helps in arriving at a decision.

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