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Jason Kaffra, Jason Kaffra, has been a similar report, “Auckland is the team that Hubble,” now, it seems that everything is likely to happen. Of course, this premise is that 49 people will trade in the sniper season.

The eighth week of the National United States of America, the best players announced

After seeing the record of the record on Sunday, it was clear that Drew Brrees will receive the best offensive players in the eighth week.

“There is no doubt that the two future celebrities players,” Red Leather Temporary coach Bill Carrahahan “said on Wednesday. “I really respect Frank Gore and his performance and achievement. I feel very good for Pitters to meet this challenge. Let us face the reality, this will be the game in the game. This is two proud and www.radiant-ro.Com want really Excellent professional athletes, I know they are very respectful. “

At the same time, Manning will continue to train with well-known physical coach Macquard-Hill Shilstone, which is considered to be an expert in prolonging careers. The latest news allows us to get the first time for Manning to get the first day of the 18th season or distance from the back of the BROCK OSWEILER. It is only a month. Very little.

The Denver wild horse four-point guard on Thursday to Denver and Team Management & Mdash; & mdash; John Elway, John Elway and President / CEO Joe-Ellis Ellis met with yourself In the future, the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Manning did not make a decision after the meeting was reported. Manning then returned to New Orleans to continue training, which may mean that he is preparing for the 2015 season. ESPN reported that Manning told two high-rise people and mentally prepared to respond to a large number of appearance times next season.

The 36-year-old Gore Care Code has reached 15170 yards. He also needs 100 yards to exceed the third of the history of Barry Sanders, and 34-year-old Peterson is currently ranking sixth in the 13701 yard. The fifth Curtis Martin is ranked is 400 yards.

The eighth week of the United States, the best special service group player: Baltimo Crow kicker Justin Tucker, Tuck 5 times tried to complete 5 times, including helping the crow 29-26 overcome San Diego lightning Kill the door. Tuck became a third-digitude 5 shot in the history of NFL and 5 times successful and completed the kick player.

However, when Buffalo Bore faces Washington red skin in the next game, the two scorpion code ranked in the history of the top six running guards, Bill’s Frank Gore and the Red Leather Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) will be done.

A: Broadly speaking, I am 19 years old began coaching career, when I helped my father take care of the junior team. I spent eight years together with him, but it alone when the 5-year coach. My father taught me a lot about coaching, especially when the players hit negative emotions, there is always a way to make it better.

To schedule more stress is based on the Denver Media report Manning needs to accept medical examination on February 23 and March 5. But the biggest influencing factors are March 9. If Manning stays in the wild horse after that day, the salary of his $ 19 million will be fully guaranteed.

Old will run the Virgin Bill Run Gore to face the red leather

Most people think that the golden age of running guard has passed. Most teams no longer have main running guards, but rely on multi-person rotation to bear the mission.

Hubble meets the boss before the game

Everyone is surprised by this news. At present, the San Francisco of San Francisco, San Francisco, San Francisco, exchanges with the Oakland raid by Mark Davis, which is the boss of Auckland raid before the start of Sunday.

The eighth week of the best defensive players: Tampawan pirate line Weikan – Alexander, this rookie completed various defensive in the game competition, totaling 11 times, 1 copy and 1 time It is important to cause opponents to drop the ball. Alexandria has once again completed the copy in the Arhead, but it is not dismissed by the foul. When we found him after the game, he was more impressive after losing his younger brother within 48 hours.

The most important change is to the movement and even the concept of life on other things, football requires that each file must not participate in offensive and defensive distractions to put a hundred percent, we could lower the presence of children is a good man, but in the field must be in need when the other side mercilessly hit fly, competition and friendship exist but will not affect each other. I remember a college game experience of the original U19 team-mate, I’ve got rid of him in the rest of the team to bounce looks likely to sideline rushing touchdowns during a dive took me down to the ground, then yelled very excited, we field like every effort will be ruthless enemies, but after the game will find each other hugs chat, such as iron friendship may be not experience elsewhere. I think this is also true sportsmanship, never want to go all out in the competition, we should completely emptying his mind, to do other things, too, to focus, try to keep the desire to win.

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