No-Code Business Intelligence For Data-Driven Culture

Every organization must change into a ‘data-driven’ one in the digital age. A business is not a data-driven organization just because it has static reports from its ERP system. No longer is it enough to have access to data and insights; the business should also be able to use these to make decisions and take action. This change calls for a more significant change, and companies need to develop and use plans to help them make the most of the large datasets to which they have access. 

No-code Business Intelligence plays a significant role in taking an organization towards data-driven culture. Most people think that if an organization wants to become ‘data-driven,’ it needs to invest in the best technology practices. But the fact is that a culture change is also fundamental to getting insights that will lead to business success. 

According to a recent Deloitte survey, businesses with the most vital cultural orientation toward data-driven insights and decision-making are twice as likely to reach their goals. 

Let’s see how no-Code BI tools are helping businesses achieve these goals. 

How can no-code BI tools push your organization toward data-driven culture? 

Here are a few ways a business can become a data-driven organization based on what works best in the industry: 

  • Find KPIs based on data and use them to draw up a plan for your business. 

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are essential to making business plans that work. No-code BI software shows which parts of an organization’s performance are crucial to its success. But a business strategy isn’t likely to work if it’s based on the wrong Key Performance Indicator (KPI). So, it is important to choose KPIs based on data analytics results. The first step is to use no-code BI tools with helpful business insights to find the right KPIs to pursue. This is true whether the goal is to lower the average amount spent per customer or increase the amount of money made per customer. 

  • Make data accessible to all. 

Adding one or two more layers to the current system won’t help an organization change into one driven by data. Businesses should work to make sure that the data is available to everyone if they want to be data-driven at their core. They should also be responsible for making sure the data is correct. Creating a culture in an organization based on data from the bottom up takes time. Still, the right no-code BI solution is a surefire way to ensure that all employees and systems work together toward the same goals at every level. 


  • Revamp data governance infrastructure 


Every day, businesses make a massive amount of data. Every department has a part to play in managing the organization’s data, but their tools must be top-notch. For a business to become truly data-driven, its IT infrastructure must be flexible. No-code Business Intelligence offers this flexibility, makes it easier to connect data from different sources, and leads to easier decision-making. 


  • Use the best Business Intelligence (BI) solution to make your technology action plan. 


Every business needs the right technology action plan in place for any data-driven strategy to work. Using the best BI tool for the job is the key to making a good technology roadmap. Choose a no-code Business Intelligence tool that can be used across business roles and issues and has unified integration and personalization options. When you have a technology roadmap, you need to make course corrections every so often based on what works and doesn’t. 

Closing Words-

Grow’s no-code Business Intelligence to transform into a data-driven business.

Being a data-driven business means that every business decision should be based on data, no matter how small. This is a long-term process, and that’s how you should look. Also, organizations may have to get past many problems before reaching their final goal. Businesses should remember that consistency is critical and should never return to old habits. Grow’s no-code Business Intelligence readies you to deal with your data journey correctly so you can move on to the next step.


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