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Wright sent 54 games in the 58 games in 4 years, and he grew as NFL anti-transmission performance the best line guard. He also showing an impressive approach speed in the defensive mushroom, and is also responsible for flashing quarterfield according to the situation. Wright from Mississippi State University was selected in the fourth round of 2011, and the Hawks showed excellence in the ultra-bowl champion team, which is higher than the average level of players in the ultra-bowl champion team. He is an outstanding representative.

Cuting Anderson not only offers the salary space of the wild horses, but also provides opportunities for the DEVONTAE BOOKER and De & Rsquo; Angelo Henderson. In addition, the wild horses are also very likely to take a running guard in the first five rounds of this year.

Anderson was told at the meeting before the start of the project, he was still very young (27 years old), and he also promoted 1007 yards last year. His contract has been $ 9 million left, but there is no guarantee.

Wenston won the 2013 Hosmanship, led Florida State University to win the national championship in the same year. In a few months, he is the most popular person selected by the champion. He is a typical pocket-type quarter-saving, with powerful arm strength, strong physical and good instinct, from professional-style offensive system to help him transition to cheap nfl jerseys from china.

Winston did not go to the election scene but chose to celebrate this moment in the home of Alabama. Last season’s pirate offensive group ranked 29 in the score of the League, and Winston is likely to start in the first week. Coincidentally, in the first week of the new season, he will face Tennesi Titan, which is selected to pick a four-dimensional Marcus Marcus Marcus (Marcus Mariota).

Red leather Jackson is hunting, this week will appear
Washington Red Primary Coach Jay-Grude said in an interview that DESEAN JACKSON will appear in this week with Dallas Cowboy. The team officially listed him as “possible” in the latest announcement injury report.

Previously, some sports reporters believe that steel people may use the transition label to Bell so they can have the option to match the contract, and they can also get compensation immediately after the transaction. Once Bell leaves the team through the free market, the steel man will receive a 2020 compensation draft sign.

This season Jackson suffered injuries in the beginning of the season, only 5 times. He completed 12 batches, advanced 212 yards, and contributed 2 times. In the past 2 weeks, he took the ball to promote 153 yards with 2 times, and the state returned. His speed advantage and experience make it a distinctive deeper target of the four-point galk Cousins.

Steel people will not use any labels to run Wei Leon-Bell
Beijing February 21, US Time Wednesday, General Manager of Steel Man Tell the reporter that the team would not use the transition label for the Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell (Transition Tag) ).

As of this week, Hongli still has a strong competitiveness in the overall performance, and the goal of the team is to win the partition championship. The star of the opponent cowboy, Tony Romo, has been determined that the reimbursement of the lash injury season is naturally due to the red skin of this partition.

“In the offset period, we think K.J. is one of our future core players. Our goal is to make him a long time in the Haiying.” John Schneider, John Schneider, said in a statement. “This renewal time allows us to leave our core players as much as possible. Since the first day of entering the team, KJ has always been a real professional player in the daily training, which can let him stay in the ball. The team made us excited for KJ and his family and our fans. ”

In the last round of competition, Shanghai Titan defeated at home. This will be a successful service (3 months ago, the two teams have carried out a friendship in Chengdu), and Taitan has a vow to take away a victory. The panda who fights at home is in the last round of the scene, and it is necessary to defend his home court.

The third round of the third round of the third round of the AFLC League
After the first round of the game, the AFLC rejuvenated the war, and the results of the game were also a few happy family, and the following brings you a detailed report.

Anderson was originally a show of 2013, and there was no first opportunity to get a first two seasons before the college career. But he finally completed the counterattack in the wild horse and entered the list of 53 people. After eight games in the 2014 season, he pushed 767 yards and was selected for professional bowl. The 2015 regular season has also been very stable, and the 90-yard advancement promotion is also contributed to the super bowl.

Since then, all the AFLC’s second round of competitions, cheap Jerseys except for the Shanghai Warriors, other main teams will report again. The next round of competition will be fully launched on September 12th, the situation is: Shanghai Night Eagle vs Chongqing Pier Works Shanghai Warriors VS Chengdu Panda Guangzhou 兕 兕 vs Hong Kong Murder Whale Guangzhou Apaci VS Hong Kong Cobra. (The main team is behind)

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