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Chrome details Von Miller Limited Jersey , horsepower and hemi-powered engines.Taking a look at 2010’s most stolen vehicles, the above characteristics are catching the wrong eyes and leading the way on the potential car thief’s wish list.According to a report by the Highway Loss Data Institute – an independent non-profit organization that tracks vehicle insurance claims and losses – for every 1,000 of these cars on the road, approximately 6 to 11 of them have been stolen, broken into John Elway Limited Jersey , or have had parts stripped off of them.Out of the 10 vehicles on the 2010 list, 7 of them qualify as trucks or SUVs. Although almost all of these vehicles have the latest in anti-theft tech devices, they are still hotly targeted by thieves eager to get them on to the illegal resale market.New safety features “won’t stop a determined thief from loading a car on a flat-bed truck,” says Russ Radar, the Institute’s news media contact.Here is the 2010 breakdown in descending order Dre’Mont Jones Elite Jersey , with a few obvious choices and a couple of surprises. Percentages are for every 1,000 cars.10. Chevrolet Tahoe – 5.8Starting the list off is the Chevy Tahoe, one of the most popular SUVs sold in the US. The Tahoe boasts better fuel economy over its competitors, and the Tahoe Hybrid can cost close to $65K. The Chevy Tahoe also won an award from Consumer Guides as a Best Buy; also unfortunately one of the most stolen.9. GMC Yukon XL – 6.0The 2010 GMC Yukon XL is an excellent choice for families who require a full-size SUV with maximum seating, towing and cargo capacities. Its massive size is also an attraction for car thieves Drew Lock Elite Jersey , with approximately 6 out of every 1,000 stolen.8. Hummer H2 – 6.2The now defunct Hummer brand remains a popular choice. The more cost-attractive H3 that came out in 2006 hasn’t proved as interesting to thieves as the massive road beast H2. A trendy choice of sports figures and hip-hop artists, the H2 is a nice ride, for those who purchased it legally.7. Nissan Maxima – 6.5The first sedan to hit the list is Nissan’s Maxima. The 2010 Maxima was ranked 16 out of 21 upscale midsize cars by the US News. Despite the poor consumer usage reports, the sporty Maxima with the various trim packages make it one of the most fun cars to drive in its class.6. GMC Sierra Crew Cab – 6.7The 4-door Dalton Risner Elite Jersey , 6-passenger full size GMC pickup is one of two top 10 most stolen trucks of 2010. The pick-up is often targeted for its versatility and for its use in other crimes. Trucks and vans are easily cloned and made to look like legitimate utility or delivery vehicles, making them a target for criminals.5. Infiniti G47 Coupe – 7.1Infiniti’s website calls this vehicle “effortless in its exhilaration and intense in its seduction.” It is a vehicle, right? The bold style and sleek looks of this sporty car can attract the ogles of the most unscrupulous set of eyes.4. Chevrolet Avalanche – 7.4Another big boy on the road, the Avalanche, technically considered a cross-over in sport utility trucks Noah Fant Elite Jersey , has the attractive storage and capacity options of a full-size truck with the features and roomy interior of an upscale SUV. A pricey vehicle, starting at close to $40K, the Avalanche is in the top ten list for the first time.3. Dodge Charger – 7.4Equaling the Avalanche at 7.4 stolen out of every 1,000, Dodge’s “muscle” car Royce Freeman Elite Jersey , the Charger, hits the list at number 3. Its throwback sporty design and heavy duty engine make it one of the most fashionable cars to steal.2. Chevy Silverado – 8.0The Silverado is reasonably priced and dependable, making it one of the most purchased trucks out there today. With so many on the road, you would figure some of them would have to be stolen, right?1. Cadillac Escalade – 10.8Our reigning champ is Cadillac’s Escalade. The giant luxury SUV has been atop the list since 2002 Courtland Sutton Elite Jersey , and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, hitting double digits with the amount stolen for every 1,000. Starting at $60K and going up to close to $200K, this opulent SUV is hard to insure, but easy to steal.

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