Nolan Excited For Pattinson’s Batman

Director Christopher Nolan is excited and eagerly waiting for Robert Pattinson’s upcoming movie The Batman. The new Batman will be fresh in many aspects. Robert Pattinson will be the original Caped Crusader, and Matt Reeves directs the film with a new vision.

Nolan is also struggling with his new movie Tenet due to the pandemic COVID-19 like other people across the world. However, his film opened in 70 different countries and is battling to maintain the theatrical release. Tenet is receiving praise from critics and is widely accepted by audiences. The film’s popularity continues to grow, while Nolan’s work in The Dark Knight trilogy remains one of the best creations. Pattinson was also the part of the Tenet and is all set to be the new Batman in the DC series, which left the fans wondering what Nolan’s reaction about the film is.

Nolan Excited For Pattinson’s Batman


In a recent interview with CNA which was released on their YouTube channel, Nolan admitted that when he first got to know that Pattinson is taking over as the DC hero on the set, “a respectful silence” surrounded the topic. Nolan spoke about the character and the physical aspects of Pattinson. And he was thrilled that the 34-year-old actor would do a fantastic job. Also, he is excited to see him as Batman in the upcoming project.

The project Batman has its share of struggle; the team went through many ups and downs. Initially, Ben Affleck was the star of the movie and was also writing and directing the film. Later he stepped back from the direction and hired Reeves for the part. And eventually, he ultimately bowed out of the project. Reeves wanted to cast Pattinson in the movie but was not sure if Pattinson would want to take the role. Although the audition took some time, and ultimately the team got their new Batman. Since then, the speculation and hype around the film are growing. The shooting of the film was halted for a long time due to the coronavirus. Although the filming resumed, Matt Reeves is all set to release his version of Batman on 21 October 2021. Whether Pattinson will reach the pre-existing Batman mark is still a question to ask, but Nolan believes that Pattinson would satisfy the audience’s expectation. Pattinson is precisely the kind of Batman Reeves wanted for the role. So it is too soon to judge and decide whether to accept this Batman or not.

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