Non-Invasive Painless Therapy ForRecovery From Injuries

Neuropathy is a condition which is caused due to the damage of the nerves which leads to impaired co-ordination between spinal cord and brain. The common symptoms for these includes pain, numbness, weakening of the muscles, lack of co-ordination, imbalance etc. It is caused due to a number of existing conditions.

  • Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy with Painless Treatment

Diabetes and autoimmune disease are the number one causes which tends to increase the occurrence of neuropathy. However, therapy and painless treatment helps with the treatment of diabetic neuropathy treatment flint. Due to high concentration of blood sugar and triglycerides, the diabetes can lead to damage of the nerves.

The painless treatment for neuropathy aims at increasing the blood circulation and flow of oxygen. It helps in increasing the muscle strength, stabilize the body balance, and helps with better tissue repair. The protocol used for treatment of painless neuropathy helps in reducing the symptoms associated with the nerve damage.

  • Holistic Approach for Treatment for Whiplash Injuries

The whiplash injury is a common injury which is caused due to automobile or car accidents. Although, it might not lead to immediate pain but left untreated, the pain might emerge after few months. The whiplash chiropractor helps in diagnosing the cause and source of injury and provide right treatment.

The whiplash injury is mostly caused due to damage of the soft tissues but without any broken bones. It is mostly a neck injury which is caused due to forceful back and forth neck movement. It occurs due to sudden jerking of the neck during accidents or falls.

  • There are several symptoms which indicate such type of injuries and the main symptoms include stiffness of neck, headache, pain in shoulder, lower back pain etc. The stiffness in neck is most common causing pain that radiates from head all along the spine.
  • After the initial injury if it remains untreated it can lead to headaches and eventual concussion. It even tends to cause injury to the muscles as well as ligaments. With the whiplash injury, it can even lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction.
  • The occurrence of such type of injury can even cause brain injury, internal bleeding or bruising and disorientation. The injury can even cause dizziness. However, chiropractic therapy and treatment helps in reducing the pain.
  • Some of the symptoms for whiplash injury is similar to the diabetic neuropathy treatment flint. It tends to cause pain and weakness of muscles. The painless treatment helps in reducing the injury and treatment from the source.


  • Painless Treatment Helps with Quick and Rapid Healing

The whiplash chiropractor use techniques and treatment which helps in quick healing from the source. The techniques involve process which helps in manual or instrument based spinal manipulation which speeds up the recovery process.

The process with help of decompression therapy as well as range of corrective care treatment enhances the overall flexibility and motion. This not only helps with relief from the pain but ensures return of full motion. The therapy include soft tissue rehabilitation as well as trigger point therapy.

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