North Carolina Hemp Industry

North Carolina’s legislature set up an industrial hemp pilot program in 2016 and temporary rules to govern the program were adopted in 2017. The NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates industrial hemp cultivation. Processors should register with the Industrial Hemp Commission. Each license costs $250 initial fee in addition to an annual fee of $250 for less than 50 acres or $500 for more than 50 acres, as well as a $2/acre or $2/1,000 square feet of greenhouse fee. CBD retail business plan

Even though North Carolina allows seed and fiber production, almost all the hemp growers are growing plants for CBD extraction.

North Carolina hemp market growers report that the market is promising:

$30 or more per pound of dried hemp flowers or buds for use in CBD oil extraction. As in other states, the material prices vary widely based on CBD content.

About 10 cents per pound for hemp seeds intended to be pressed for seed oil.

About 10 cents a pound for stalks to be turned into fiber.

The Vote Hemp reported that 3,184 acres of hemp were grown in North Carolina in 2018 comparing to 965 acres in 2017.

Senate Bill 315, the North Carolina Farm Bill of 2019, passed the House on August 21, 2019. The bill officially authorizes and regulates statewide hemp growing, expands a North Carolina pilot program by modifying the North Carolina Hemp Commission to become a regulatory body, sets guidelines for licensing, and it also requires retailers to get a license before selling CBD products. European hemp CBD market

In 2021, there were 1,500 growers registered on 14,200 acres outdoor (14,562 acres in 2020) and 6.8 million square feet greenhouse area (7.1 million square feet in 2020). In addition, there were 1,295 registered processors.

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