Norton Security: Protector of Your Digital Life with

Cyber Security is paramount in today’s highly susceptible online environment. Here, comes the most pressing need to fully secure your PC, Tablet, Mobile and other web-enabled devices. Simply visualizing the issue of personal data theft and security complications, you can’t just sit and watch your systems get compromised. Hackers continuously sharpening their technical skills and developing newest cyber attack tools for their malicious intentions. Following the latest incident of Petya ransomware attack which severely compromises large numbers of personal computer and network of big European organizations. Symantec and Norton users have protected against Petya ransomware Through Norton Security. You also need to evaluate your computer security requirements, and install suitable Norton security, Visit and know how to download and install a Norton setup properly. Here I tell in short how to run full system scan step by step,

Step –

  • Click the button Run Live Update.
  • Start Your Norton Product.
  • In the Main Window of Your Product click the security and run the LiveUpdate.
  • Whenever the update is finished, click the OK button.
  • Don’t close LiveUpdate until you see the message “Your Norton product has the latest protection Updates.”
  • Exit and Restart the Computer.

According to 2016 cybersecurity report of Norton, 35% of people at global stage have minimum one unprotected Internet-enabled gadget which is a very scary scenario. Such peoples are most susceptible to the online virus, malware, ransomware, hostile websites, and phishing attempts. In 2015, cyber attackers and criminals unleashed massive one million online attacks against web users each day. On the basis of these two above mentioned studies, it is very easy to evaluate the present environment of World Wide Web. For Norton security click

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