Norwegian Heather Honey

Our honey is always raw – unheated and unfiltered. True Ling Heather Honey collected from Calluna Vulgaris, the true heather. This is the honey for the true gourmands! We can promise it will be highly appreciated when hosting dinner parties with charcuterie or cheese platter, or as a gift for the hosts.

True Ling Heather honey is raw – unheated and unfiltered. We only produce raw honey, because we want our honey to be the way nature made it for us. Beekeeper Honey


One of the strongest and most pungent flavors amongst honey. The aftertaste is nearly bitter and lasts for a long time.

Some would say it tastes of autumn. Others describe the flavor as tangy, smoky and mildly sweet.


Commonly used as a spread or marinating ham, chicken, lamb, seafood and cold meat dishes.

It is a popular and exclusive sweetener together with a plate of cheese, board of charcuterie, on the yogurt or icecream. Norwegian Heather Honey


Like Manuka, Ling Heather Honey has a thixotropic consistensy. This means that the honey has a gel-like consistensy, but will become temporarily liquid when stirred.


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