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Internet has made everything so easy for us. Everything that we want can be accessed with just a couple of clicks. But one thing that ruins the ease of the Internet is long, ugly URLs that are difficult to remember, copy and share via the social media. The need of a URL shortener is getting higher day by day. There are lots of URL shorteners available online for social media scene, but not all of them are free or as effective as they promise to be.

If you are searching for the best sites to shorten long URLs, you should visit only the trusted sites. A good service provider would be the one who suits all your needs. It should provide you free link shortening service and it would be even great if they pay some money for using their service. This may sound like a dream, getting the service for free and getting paid for it, but it has become the reality today.

If you want to know how to share link and earn money, follow the three easy steps as give below:


Step I – Shorten the URL using the services of the preferred site.


Step II

Share the link on social media or with people who would want to access the website.

Ø Step III – Wait for the user to click on your link. When someone clicks on the link that you had shared, they are first redirected to an ad site, before finally being diverted to the actual long URL. When the user clicks and sees the ad, you get paid.

Now you can also earn money and get your URLs shortened by using the services of You will also be entitled to the following benefits while using

Ø 25% Referral Bonus: You get 25% of earnings of people you refer to this site, for life.

Ø Administration panel to manage all the features.

Ø Low minimum payouts to quickly get your earnings.

Ø A dedicated team to support you at all times.

Ø Detailed statistics about your audience.

With the professional and customer dedicated services of, you can now get short and sweet URLs along with getting paid for sharing the links.

About is the best URL shortener in the market that can help you earn money while getting your work done.

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