Now Turn your Home into a Castle with Home Improvement Loans!

Every Irish man’s home is his Castle. He finds refuge and solace within its boundaries. But even castles need repairs and modifications. And God knows renovations are stressful! But do finances need to be stressful too?

Stop wishing away your wishes!

You would be surprised to know that the market for home improvement loans in Ireland has witnessed a significant surge in the past few years. The Irish people have stopped stressing about their finances, and are out and about getting a loan for their home renovations.

Let your plans turn into reality now. Build that tree house, get a modular kitchen, change the ceilings, re-paint the children’s bedroom, extend your house, or change the entire layout of your home. You deserve it. You deserve not giving up on your wishes.

More Specifics, you say?

A Home Improvement Loan is a type of unsecured personal loan that requires no security, and starts from as low as €1000. Depending upon your lender, it can go up to €65,000. You are free to decide your repayment period, ranging from a year to 10 years. Doesn’t it keep getting better?

Your credit score and ability to repay decides the rate of interest of your loan. You should be aware that the interest might be a little high, given that no security has been asked from you. The lender basically earns from the risk he takes while lending to you.

Choose your ‘improvements’ wisely

Since you are taking out a loan on these home improvements, it is advisable that you be smart about your spending and designs. The right modification can add a lot of value to your home.

* Study your home carefully, and know what you already have. If storage is what you need, then spaces like areas under each stair can be changed into drawers. Modern architectural ideas can save you a lot of existing space and storage.

* Natural light makes a room look bigger. A room that was cold and dark would look bigger and airy if it has proper provision for natural light to enter.

* Renovations are not regular procedures. Decide on the needs of your house in the long-term. Your kid would not be 6 years old after some time, and would have different requirements. Plan ahead of the present.

* Spend on areas that are used the most. Kitchens and bathrooms are top priority; guest rooms are not so much.

* Extend your home wisely, and in a planned manner. Use your home area in an optimized manner. Contact a professional, if need be, to give you some smart and intelligent ideas.

It cannot get easier than this!

Getting a loan has been made just a phone call or text away. Multiple direct lenders are available online who are ready to approve your loan within hours, without involving you in the tedious procedure of paperwork and security. There are no hidden or upfront charges in these loans.

Your home improvement loan can be modified according to your improvement plans. Each direct lender offers different options. Make sure you explore ample number of lenders, and choose the one that suits your requirements perfectly.

In addition, lenders vary on their repayment policies too. You may or may not have to pay penalties for paying off your loan before the decided repayment time, depending upon what your lender offers.


Stop letting your desires burn out. Taking this loan gets your home glamorized, and repaying it responsibly takes up your credit score. It is a win-win situation for your heart, home and your credit score: all at the same time!

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