Now Turn Your Television into an Echo Show Smart Display with Amazon Fire TV Stick

Yes, you can turn your television into an Echo Show Smart Display as the Amazon Fire TV gets an upgrade. To enhance the interface, the Amazon Fire TV has got a brand-new update. This update seems to take a lesson from Amazon’s Echo Show 5 and the new Echo Show 10.

It offers a new feature called the “Visual Experiences on Fire TV.” This means that all the paired Alexa devices can access your Fire TV streamer. They can display local search, music, calendar, cameras, smart home, weather forecast, to-do lists on your TV display. However, suppose you are continuously bringing up trivia questions or weather updates. In that case, you can get complaints from your family or flatmates as you might be disturbing them during a show or a movie. However, this functionality on your screen will be pretty useful as there will be no need for you to buy a smart display TV for this. Meanwhile, the users will have to introduce the voice commands quoting: “Alexa, show me…” for letting it come up on the television screen. To give it commands, your Fire TV needs to be paired with your Alexa speaker with the help of the Alexa app.

The Fire TV interface will be easier to navigate with the help of voice commands. The new voice commands that would help to jump from “Watchlist” to “Home” alongside the ability to control music playback and various other options allow users to easily access the available content on Amazon Music of Fire TV and Spotify. With the help of voice commands, you won’t need the Alexa remote of your Fire TV Stick or collect the necessary information to access the content available on your screen. All the Fire TV devices, however, have their own dedicated Alexa remote, but till the time you are using the voice commands, you won’t require your Fire TV remote.

TVs as Smart Displays

The concept is identical to that of Facebook, and it has a Portal TV webcam attached to the television’s upper bezel. The webcam gets plugged in through an HDMI port, which then converts your TV into a smart display portal. The execution of the setup might not be up to your expectations, though, as the camera quality and glitch effect on the face-tracking feature will disturb you. The Fire TV features are far more arched towards the easy accessibility of the interface than video calls. Its main focus is on providing easy streaming rather than dealing with other aspects.

Final Verdict

So, these were the details regarding the new feature “Visual Experiences on Fire TV,” with the help of which you can convert your TV into an Echo Show Smart Display using your Fire TV Stick. Amazon has stated that this new update in the upcoming week, they will roll out this feature to the Fire TVs. It will be available to the individuals of the US, Canada, and the UK. This update regarding the new feature will arrive on all the Alexa-enabled Fire TVs and Fire TV Edition products. It will also be available for the Fire TV devices that got released earlier without a dedicated Alexa-enabled remote.

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