Now You Can Watch Netflix On Your Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub is a smart home product by Google. It comes with an in-built Google Assistant, that can help you to perform several tasks like displaying your pictures from Google Photos. Moreover, you can view and control all the compatible devices connected with Nest Hub from its dashboard. You can use your voice to play songs and watch YouTube online.

Recently Google has announced that people can stream Netflix on their Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub smart home devices. You can use the devices as miniature smart TVs.

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You can stream Netflix from the Nest Hub with the help of the Google Cast. After enabling this feature, your Netflix account will be connected with the device directly. Google has also included some free gestures. You can use your voice or some hands-free gesture like waving to stop or resume playing the content. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can also scroll through the screen manually to control the video.

So, with these additions, the Google Nest Hub Max and Nest hub will offer some sort of entertainment. It might help you when you want a small but smart display product that can work on your voice command. For example, you are working in your kitchen and want to play “The Witcher,” then you can watch it on the device by commanding “Hey Google, play The Witcher” to the device.

Along with Netflix Support, Google has also added support for other streaming services like Peacock, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. It means you can also watch the content from these platforms on the screen of your Nest Hub. It is really nice to see that some streaming platforms are getting support from this smart device. Before the introduction of these devices, you had the option of watching the content on your phone or PC, but now you can even stream content on smart home devices.

So, if you are searching for another place other than a phone or computer to watch content on Netflix, then Google has a perfect solution. If you usually watch the Netflix content on your 6-7 inches smartphones, then you might love this alternative. At least, it gives a better viewing experience than the smaller smartphones.

If you have Google Nest Hub, then you can not only control all your smart devices on a single display but you can also stream TV shows and movies.

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