Nvidia Could Stop Producing RTX 20-Series Cards

Nvidia Could Stop Producing RTX 20-Series Cards

Nvidia 20-Series RTX graphics card has been one of the most advanced CPU architectures for gamers and creators. This card provides next-generation performance, and all of its features are supported by artificial intelligence and ray-tracing cores for an ultimate experience. Now, Nvidia is all set to release the next-gen GeForce RTX 30 Ampere graphics card in September this year, but as per the reports, the company is probably shutting down the production of its RTX 20-Series cards.

If we look into the data provided by one of the Japanese news sites, Nvidia has stopped the production of four of its previous RTX cards. These are most of Nvidia’s high-end GPU segment. Two years ago, at the time of launching the RTX 20 series, cryptocurrency mining or crypto-mining saw a huge boost that created a graphics card shortage for quite some time. Due to the shortage of cards, buyers had to deal with the ascending prices. This is how Nvidia has always launched new cards. In 2018, Nvidia had announced that they would stop producing GTX 10 series cards to introduce RTX 20 series cards. Even after the announcement, buyers had to deal with the short supply of the product. Thus, they were bound to pay more than the actual price for the card.

Looking at the pattern of how Nvidia ceases the production of its cards to launch new ones’ give way for the rumors that claim that Nvidia is going to stop the production of its RTX 20-Series cards. There is a considerable possibility that Nvidia is going to let the Crypto miners snatch the GPUs as it includes a lot more Arithmetic Logic Units than a CPU. These Arithmetic Logic Units (ALU) perform arithmetic computations that perform well with calculations and provide better output while mining. This can lead to the same shortage that buyers faced two years ago.

According to a report by Bitcoin, the market will reach a point where it will be difficult for the miners to earn profits. So, these miners will choose to shut down their machines temporarily, which will lead to an increase in asset prices by the end of this year. We can assume that when the mining difficulty is low, these miners will begin purchasing the remaining RTX 20-Series card that will shoot up the prices for the real consumers who are looking to purchase a single card for their computer. Or, in simple terms, a product that will be discontinued will be sold at higher prices as soon as the consumers realize that they won’t find this product for their computer anymore.

While observing the past reports, we noticed that two years ago, the markets saw an upsurging rate of about $300 – $400 when Nvidia stopped the production of its GTX cards. The history might repeat, so purchase the card if you don’t want to pay extra for it in a few months. Or, if you wish, you can wait for a few months as AMD is also rumored to announce its next-gen GPUs this year.

source: https://irateitas.com/nvidia-could-stop-producing-rtx-20-series-cards/

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